Sydney to Bangkok onboard Thai A340-600 Royal First Class

I have not flown THAI since 2008 and was very keen to find out the new changes in the airline. THAI terminated B747 service to Sydney and have used B777-200/300 and currently A340-600 serving Sydney 18 times a week nonstop. I have flown their A340-600 once in 2006 but travel bug fever hits me and I can’t wait to fly her again!

A340-642 HS-TNC ready for passengers for a morning 0750 departure from Sydney to Bangkok. Flight TG472. This is a recently introduced new morning flight. The plane have arrived the night before from Bangkok.


Thai Premium passengers can use Air New Zealand lounge at Sydney Int’l. Here is a shot of us with “Kiwis” at the entrance of the lounge!


Tony from Menzies really tried hard to look after us. Some excellent ground crew handling the TG flights.


The Flight display have the airline 50th Anniversary logo. We’re the last passengers to board!


After boarding from Door 2L, we turn left and walk pass the business cabin, a sense of calm and tranquility set in. The cabin is fresh, and even smell like that.

First surprise of the trip: After boarding the aircraft, we’ve discovered that we’re the only 2 passengers in First class, and with a chilling load of 6 passengers in Business on this early morning departue from Sydney in low season month of November. What a start, we have the whole First Class Cabin to ourselves!


After an on-time push back and takeoff. Breakfast was served within 30 mins. First Course are fruits, cereals and yogurts. Note you can dine together with your partner sit on the ottoman opposite you. There are also no overhead bins in the middle on Thai A340-600s.


The Friendly flight attendant took photo for our birthday trip celebration onboard.


We’re obviously very excited to have the whole cabin to ourselves and the FA even stood up on the ottoman seat to have this “elevated” view taken for us.


Thai also offer Noodle Soup with Fish ball as alternative to Western breakfast. The western option were average that day, with dry omelete so we have the oriental option instead.


After the breakfast, a very friendly and playful FA came over and took photo with us.


She even teach Vicki how to pose in front of my camera 🙂


It is all about making a perfect picture!


After meal and play, Vicki enjoys some good bed comfort in the spacious Royal First Class sleeper seat.


Since the breakfast was quite average and I still felt hungry, I ordered a steak with mash potato with vegetable. Passenger on Thai First Class can dine on demand anytime during the flight. The steak taste tender.


Cabin view of Royal First Class on A340-600. Total of 8 seats with all direct aisle access.


Second Surprise of the trip: I was invited to visit the cockpit during the flight. I sat on the jumpseat behind pilots for 30 minutes or so watching the plane cruise over Darwin and heading to Borneo. This is my first time sit in the cockpit onboard Thai Airways. I am not sure the Captain knew it was my birthday trip….


After an hour or two, it is time for the full lunch service. First, as a tradition, chilled Dom Pérignon is served. Mr Sutsan dress impeccably presenting the champagne. He recently received a PhD from University of Monash!



Followed by Caviar. We can have the whole can of Caviar to ourselves today 🙂

Thai listened to their customer and brought back the Caviar on inter-continental flights. Well done!


Enjoying the Dom and Caviar. We took almost 1 hour on this course. Poor FAs were waiting patiently to serve us the next course…..


Unique First Class menu holder


The menu itself. Thai hasn’t change the inside menu design for very long time.


2nd course, grilled scallops and duck liver terrine


Hot Sour Soup. This is really good and the spices wake up all your taste bud senses.


Vicki’s main course. Lobster with vegetables. I think it is Chinese steam style. Interesting catering from Sydney kitchen.

With Royal First Class , you can choose from over 20 items of dishes on your flight. Similar to Singapore Air’s “Book the Cook”


My main course, Barramundi Fish Fillet with lobster sauce. Taste excellent.


At last after 2 hours, fruit and dessert is served. At this point, we almost ran out of time with 20 minutes to land in Bangkok. Flight attendant on Thai are really patient and experienced. They waited for you to enjoy your meal without rushing at all.


A quick tour of the cabin behind us. Empty rear Business Class cabin.


Lie flat angle seat in Business class. I tried on them, I must say the seat width are quite narrow.


We’re on descend to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Int’l. Our 9h5mins flights feels like 3hours since we enjoyed so much.


After a “smooth as silk” landing, the FA gave both of us a gift! Thai B747-400 plastic model! I took Vicki’s too!


It’s time to say goodbye to the excellent and patient crew. This flight certainly made my birthday trip an excellent start. I can’t fault TG’s royal first class service.


Once you step out of airplane, we were escorted to this golf buggy which take us straight to Immigration, saving us 15 minutes of walking in the huge airport. Then another porter meet us at the baggage claim take our bags to the taxi stand and load our bags onto the taxi. The ground service was second to none! We were out on the street within 15 minutes and more time to enjoy Bangkok that weekend.


To be continued in next post

Thai Airways Royal First Lounge and Royal Spa Lounge at Bangkok

Thai Airways Royal First Class A340-600 Bangkok to Sydney