Review: Thai Airways Royal First Class A340-600

Bangkok to Sydney

Flight TG475



Royal First Class

This is a continuation of my 30th Birthday trip to Thailand onboard Thai Airways


At the boarding bridge. 2 experienced flight attendant greet me by name, and immediately apologize for the delay and wished me a very happy birthday!


Dom Perignon, nuts and canapes (Roast Quail or chicken with green lotus leaf) served after takeoff.


Dinner started shortly after canapes and table being laid individually

TG branded butter


2 senior lady working very hard as we have a full first clas cabin tonight to Sydney. 8 out of 8 seats taken. Here she is serving the Caviar as starter of the dinner service.


The lady on the right is also the chief purser. She is offering some Vodka shot with the Caviar.


Timeless tradition, Caviar as starter.


Quail Salad as second course.


A sorbet was offered in between courses. New definition of inflight dining (copy fine restaurant dining)


Cream Vegetable/Celery Soup.


The signature dish, Lobster Thermidor. Very well done!


Vicki pre-ordered coquille St. Jacques


After dinner, fruit, cheese and port were offered.


Afterwards, the purser came and wish me again happy birthday, offering some mousse and fruit tart. But no cake were served tonight onboard...


Watermelon with dessert to wash down. After the meal service. The cabin light were dimmed and I went to sleep......


Slept all the way till 1 hour prior to landing. Breakfast was served.


Breakfast crepes and sausages. This is better than the usual Omelette


Approaching Sydney with excellent weather and visibility.


The side bins on A340-600. Row 2 seat boast views from 5 windows 🙂


Flying over Sydney western suburbs before a 34L arrival from the South. Parramatta River is below.


Flying over South Sydney near Sylvania Waters


At 9:55am HS-TNE touched down on Rwy 34L of Sydney Int'l, arrived after 2 hours 10 mins delay. We docked at the western end of Int'l terminal. I took a last picture of our long plane. I even saw the Captain waved back to me while I am taking this photo!


All the souvenirs I collected from 2 excellent THAI Royal First flight. Even include a personal Birthday card from the pilot!

I am very pleased with my overall travel experience onboard Thai Airways. It is great Thai kept their traditions without cutting corners. Their sincere attitude of service is the best part for the travellers. Many finer details were addressed. The cabin provide a sense of calm and tranquility as soon as you walk in. With THAI's plan of new A380 acquisition and cabin re-fit, I can only think the travel experience is getting brighter onboard THAI. I hope you have enjoyed my trip report.

After the flights, I discovered my duty free (Chanel Perfume for Vicki) have been left onboard in one of the overhead bins. I contacted ground service and within 24 hours, I received a phone call said they found it! It was left onboard and flown back to Bangkok same day and the ground staff at BKK discovered and sent it straight back to Sydney on the next flight. I was very pleased with the quick turnaround and presented the gift to Vicki to her surprise. Lost and found do lead to a happy ending sometimes 🙂

Sawadee krup Thai!