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Sam Chui

“My soul is in the sky.”

Hi, My Name is Sam Chui and I am one of the worlds most followed aviation bloggers; I am also a world renowned vlogger, photographer and journalist.

I enjoy anything related to aviation and travel.  My fascination with airplanes stemmed from visiting Kai Tak airport as a teenager.  I have spent some of the happiest times of my life in the air.  It is that precious feeling of being above the clouds, the romance and the curiosity of flying which developed my passion towards aviation and travel.

I have now travelled to over 100 countries, flown over 1,500 flights and logged over 3 million miles around the globe to pursue my lifelong passion. I contribute aviation commentary regularly to many global media outlets such as CNN, Bloomberg News and a range of aviation related media. I am also the author of 3 books published in 2008, 2012 and 2014.

Aviation & Travel is my life!

I have been able to travel to amazing places, in a style I would never have thought possible. I travel the world in First and Business Class most of the time. I am passionate and fearless when it comes to my favourite subject, flying. My reviews are independent with my own views. English is my second language; I apologize if the grammar isn’t up to scratch on some of my reviews.

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Timeline and highlight of my life


1980 – I was born in Beijing, China.  In the mid-80s, I moved to Hong Kong with my parents. I flew on the Chinese Air Force Vickers Viscount, CAAC Trident and Dragonair Tristar.

1993 – I started flying extensively on my vacation and visiting over 20 countries, became an elite member of United Airlines Mileage Plus.

1997 – I moved to Sydney, Australia for high school and university. I continued to travel to more countries each year.

1998 – I got my first car, and drove to the airport as the first destination.

1999 – I started this website, originally call SamChuiPhotos.com

2003 – I flew on The British Airways Supersonic Concorde from New York to London in just 3 hours 18 minutes.

2004 – On my first trip to Russia, I flew with IL-62, IL-86, An-24, Yak-40, Tu-134, Tu-154 aircraft.

2004 – I travelled to Iran for the first time and flew on the classic B747-SPB707 and B727 among many other highlights.

2005 – I was invited to Toulouse, France to observe the maiden flight of Airbus A380.

2007 – I flew on the world inaugural A380 flight of Singapore Airlines in Singapore Airlines Suite.

2009 – I flew on a Lockheed Constellation “Connie” L1049G!

2010 – Landed on a glacier with Ski Plane in South Island of New Zealand.

2011 – I relocated to Abu Dhabi, UAE and married in the same year.  I visited the most dangerous airport in the world, Lukla in Nepal.

2012 – Flew on the last ever flight of The B747 Singapore Airlines from Hong Kong to Singapore.

2012 – I visited North Korea and flew classic Soviet planes with Air Koryo and went on to visit 3 more times!

2012 – On a trip to Pakistan, I flew 7 out of 8 sectors inside the cockpit with PIA on A310, B777-200, ATR-42, B747-300 and B777-300.

2013 – I flew to the North Pole on a special chartered “Polarflug” by airberlin. I also flew on the longest commercial flight in the world from Singapore to Newark with Singapore Airlines.

2014 – Flew on the Southern Polar flight from Sydney nonstop to Buenos AiresI also visited Somalia and flew on a classic DC-9 in Africa. I also flew on my first B747-8 with Lufthansa in First Class

2015 – On-board the world’s inaugural A350 commercial flight with Qatar Airways from Doha to Frankfurt. I also became the organizer of the highly successful Iran Aviation Tours.

2016 – Experienced the best commercial aviation product to date with The Residence on Etihad A380 and Air France La Premiere. Also flew on a Legacy 650 private jet.


My Travel Map

I have now flown to a total of 200+ airlines with over 150 aircraft types.

My favourite aircraft is The Boeing 747. I’ve flown on her over 350 times across all The B747 models and variants.

Below is where I have flown in the world so far…



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