About Sam Chui

About Sam Chui
“My soul is in the sky”

What’s my favorite aircraft? I get this question a lot. The answer is, of course, the Boeing 747, the Queen of the Skies. It is my first love and it always has my heart. The Jumbo Jet made the globe smaller and opened up world travel for me.

I enjoy anything related to aviation and travel. My fascination with aeroplanes stemmed from visiting Kai Tak airport as a teenager. I have spent some of the happiest times of my life in the air. It is that precious feeling of being above the clouds, the romance and the curiosity of flying which developed my passion towards aviation and travel.

I have now travelled to over 100 countries, flown over 2,000 flights and logged over 3 million miles around the globe in the pursuit of my lifelong passion. I have organically built a loyal following of like-minded aviators, travelers and industry experts who access and engage with my content on a daily basis. I hope my content brings you closer to my aviation and travel experience.

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Sam Chui appears on BBC Talking Business

Sam appears on CNN Business Traveller with Richard Quest

Sam appears on CNN Business Traveller with Richard Quest

Sam Chui appears on BBC World TV

Sam Chui appears on BBC World TV

Sam has over 3 million Youtube subscribers and more than 700 million views

Sam has over 3 million Youtube subscribers and more than 700 million views

Sam Chui was featured in Stephen Colbert late night show

Sam Chui was featured in Stephen Colbert late night show

Sam speaks in Arab Aviation Summit

Sam speaks in Arab Aviation Summit

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  • Q: Where do you live?

    A: I think the sky is my first home! My home base is in Dubai, UAE. I used to have a day job in the UAE and after quitting my day job, I continue to be based in the UAE.

  • Q: How do you monetise and support your travel?

    A: I am a content creator and blogger. The better content I create, the more advertising income I earn from YouTube and Google Adsense. I also earn from affiliate marketing income and sponsorships.

  • Q: Do you take sponsored flights?

    A: I do take invited flights from time to time to create exclusive content. These may include delivery flights, demo flights, and special event flights. While I have taken invited flights, I do not get paid by airlines for opinions.

  • Q: Do you accept sponsorship?

    A: Many companies approach me for sponsorship, I’ve taken a few that I believe have the right purpose which can benefit my audience as well as support myself. These include travel accessories, VPN’s, travel luggage brands etc. Sponsorship will always be declared.

  • Q: How can I start a blog or vlog like you do?

    A: You should always focus on the quality of the content. Focus on good content and aim for consistency, your presence will be noticed. There is lot of hard work and dedication behind the success of each blogger/vlogger. Take a small step each time towards an ambitious goal.

  • Q: Your comments on videos are generally positive. Why you rarely give negative reviews?

    A: I have always given feedback in a constructive manner (Pros and Cons) consistently over the years. I focus on reviewing the product and stating the facts, instead of focusing on any variable/subjective elements which differ on each flight. I do not make extreme sensational remarks or put twists on my reviews.

  • Q: What camera equipment do you use for your vlog?

    A: You can find my camera list here.


My Travel Map

I have now flown on a total of 240+ airlines with over 180 aircraft types.

My favourite aircraft is The Boeing 747. I’ve flown on her over 350 times across all The B747 models and variants.

Below is where I have flown in the world so far…

Timeline and highlight of my life
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