Air3 Book Sam Chui
Air3 Book Sam Chui

Air3 Book Sam Chui Aviation Photos and Flight Experiences on Sale Now

Air3 Book

Sam Chui Aviation Photos and Flight Experiences

Air3 book on sale

All of us have a different story of how we came to be involved in aviation, professionally or as a simple hobby. For some, you are just starting this journey, for others, it has been a life’s quest. Being involved doesn’t mean you have to be a licensed pilot or to even fly at all. There are different levels of participation and they all matter.

I was born this way; I’ve had my eyes in the sky for as long as I can remember. It always fascinated me to watch plane flies everytime. If I remember right, my first plane ride was a CAAC Trident, my first aircraft model was a Libyan Arab B727 in its golden livery by Herpa Wings, and my first love was the United Airlines B747 in the fabulous Saul Bass livery.

My passion of aviation keeps me motivated, excited, enchanted and going places on my aviation journeys. The book series is born as a result of that passion and devotion to my aviation hobby in 2008. has some of the best photos and stories today in commercial aviation. I have been extremely fortunate to team up with Charles Kennedy, a talented aviation writer, to bring these exciting stories and aviation histories to you. Charles and I shared our common love of aviation and meeting people. Together we’ve flown as far as to the North Pole, Mogadishu, Sapporo, St Maarten, Dhaka to just name a few.

It has been an absolutely amazing 16 years of aviation hobby. Never thought I would be able to publish my own book and never thought <Air> series would extend to its third volume. Looking through the emails and orders of past <Air> series, I was so moved; <Air> has sold to friends and supporters over 70 countries, literally every corner of the world. I often say the most important aspect of the hobby, is people, people I met make all those differences.

I would like to thank those who have kindly contributed their photos in this new book. As always, I am looking forward to your comments and feedback. Thank you so much for your support!

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