Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge - The Wing

A photography report

The Wing, First—conveniently located in the south departures hall transit area, just beyond security. Offering passengers unparalleled privacy, comfort, and service, this is an elegant and relaxing place to unwind before your flight.


The Champagne Bar


Behind the bar, there are open seating area.


A smaller attended bar is located near the seating area.

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There are long tables focus on individual business travelers and their productivity on the go.

A snack station is on offer.

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The Haven restaurant

The restaurant offer a choice of A la Carte and the famous Peninsula Hotel catered buffet.

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I must say the buffet is excellent, with lot of varieties and very tasty. I appreciate the self service as I don't have wait for a waiter to be served in a rush and I can eat as much and however I like.

Overall, my lounge experience is absolute fantastic. Food is excellent and the lounge atmosphere feels right without being too crowded.