Pouya Air An74
Pouya Air An74

Review: Pouya Air Antonov 74 Passenger Flight Experience

Pouya Air An74 Flight Experience


This is a photo trip report focus on a rare and interesting type An-74 operation in Iran. Pouya Air operates these An-74 converted from cargo on behalf of Iran Revolutionary Guard Corp. It has started operations a few weeks ago and currently flies from Tehran to Mashhad, Ilam, Sharoud and Kermanshah. Ticket is only available inside Iran.

Tehran to Mashhad is currently the busiest airway inside Iran with a flight every 15 minutes or so. Mashhad is a holy Shiite city with 60 million + pilgrims going there every year. It is strategically located in NW of Iran bordering Afghanistan and Turkmenistan.

This flight has been the highlight of my Iran Aviation Tour 2015, which will be cover on a separate trip report later.

The trip can be viewed on Youtube in video format with some lovely Persian tunes.



Flight PYA2350


0820 1000

Flying time 1hr 30mins


43 Pax +crew, capacity 48

IMG_2038 IMG_2046 IMG_2051

Converted cargo cabin with 12 rows of leather seats. Generous leg room. Row 1,2,11,12 has window view.


My Afghan seatmate.


Ready to depart from Rwy 29L. Like An-124 or IL-76 it require some warm up on the engines so we sat at the end of runway for 2-3 minutes of engine run with beautiful noise plus full vibration in the cabin. You can see this on video.


Some of the military ramp view with B707, B747-100 etc.


Interesting interior and call button.

There is camera display on large LCD screen. Excellent IFE.

IMG_2072IMG_2108 IMG_2075 OS4A5018

Row 11 has the best leg room.


Inflight service started after we reach cruising altitude.


You always get free inflight meal on domestic flight inside Iran.

IMG_2081 IMG_2084

Interesting blind concept.

         IMG_2079  OS4A5054

Our whole group of 23 aviation enthusiast was invited to visit the cockpit one by one and I was able to join the crew for landing inside the cockpit. It was a very quick nosedive descend, (quite common in Iran) as to make up some lost time. The crew were extremely easy going and accommodating. Please see the video of landing from the cockpit into Mashhad.

OS4A5047  OS4A5076



1100 1240

Flight time 1hr40mins


43pax+ crew

Our whole group in front of the An-74


Smiling ticket agent


It’s time to re-board to fly back to Tehran.


View from Row 2 window seat

OS4A5114 IMG_2118OS4A5147

Iran Air catering.


Row 1 and 2 is reverse facing. Very cosy.


Flight attendant is very friendly, we clearly love our aviator sunglasses.


Mashhad is 469 miles from Tehran, the flight took about 1h 30mins cruising at around 730km/h.


Arrival into Tehran huge metropolis. A sight to behold.

IMG_2160 IMG_2164

Everyone is very happy to fly the An-74 include normal Iranian passenger.




In short, we have an awesome flight with such a rare exotic plane. We couldn’t ask for anymore. You can tell from all the smiley faces. Not only Iran presents great aviation opportunity, the people are the warmest and always helpful to foreigners making our experiences there truly unforgettable. My heart is still in Iran!

The trip can be viewed on Youtube in video format with some lovely Persian tunes.


Thank you

Sam Chui