Iran Aviation Tour

Shiraz, Iran

2 days before the tour members meet up in Tehran, my wife and I traveled with a small group to Shiraz.

Aseman Airlines Flight 3792


Fokker 100

Delivery 9/1994 to Korean Air

1   2   4  

Ex- Air France seat belt.

3   5   6  

Takeoff on Rwy 29L, good airport view can be had by seating on the right hand side.

7   8   OS4A0635  

Flying South with many snowed cover mountain range under our wing.


Final approach Shiraz on a sunny day.

11   12   13  

Shiraz Airport with Sepahan  air planes grounded.


Shiraz Airport


We stay at Niayesh Boutique Hotel


Interesting way to transport our baggage!


The Hotel is really boutique, it is hidden in a small passage!


Our rooms have 2 single and 1 large bed. It is like a hostel but it is very clean.

18   19  

Tea house in the middle of the courtyard.

20   21  

Our first visit is to the famous "Pink Mosque"Nasir ol Molk Mosque

OS4A0661   OS4A0662  

Amazing ceiling of one of the arches.


The mosque includes extensive colored glass in its facade. The best lighting for photography is morning.

It is the most colourful mosque I've ever visited. This is easily one of the top attraction!

22   28   26   24  

It provides ample opportunity for photos. Every angle works!

27     29   30   32   33  

An old Iranian Paykan car roam around the alleyway of Shiraz. How nostalgic!

35c   35d  

In the afternoon, our group visited the famous Persepolis site and Eram Garden

21   22   35b  

In the evening, we visited Shah Cheragh,  is Persian for "King of the Light"

It is one of the holy shrine in Iran and was built in 14th century. 

It is absolutely splendid and one can feel the powerful influence of religion.

36   37   38   40   39   42  

With our very nice tour guide, Mr Vahid


The mausoleum


At the end of the evening, we've visited a young Iranian couple's flat in the city. Aliye and Amin.


The next day we flew back to Tehran in the morning to meet up with the main group in the evening.


Aseman Airlines Flight 3771


Fokker 100

Delivery 1/1995 to Korean Air

47   48   49    

Meanwhile, 17 of our group has boarded their Iran Air flight from Kuala Lumpur bound for Tehran IKA, onboard the last commercial B747-SP in the world

Photo by KS Ong



The afternoon is spent at one of my good Iranian friend, Mostafa's comfortable flat.

50   51  

In the evening, we went out to the street of Tehran.


Nuts and dry fruit is very famous in Iran, the Akbari pistachio is the best pistachio in the world! Make sure you buy some to bring home.

53   54   55    

Another new tourist attraction in Tehran: The Nature Bridge


Restaurant is below the walking bridge.