Aeromexico Embraer E170 strikes wing on departure

An Aeromexico Embraer E170 was departing Chihuahua on the 10th of April 2019 when during the takeoff sequence, the aircraft rolled to the left causing the wing to scrape along the runway.

The aircraft, registered XA-SAC, was performing flight AM2039 to Monterrey when the incident occurred. Surveillance footage provides for an estimate of 400 meters (1310 feet) worth of contact with the ground.

You can view the footage here:

Still on the ground, the aircraft is seen banking to the left with its wing contacting the ground. Eventually losing contact, the aircraft climbed safely and returned to Chihuahua shortly after without incident.

Upon inspection of the aircraft, it was clear to engineers that the wing had received significant abrasion damage, as seen in the photographs below.

Aeromexico Embraer E170 strikes wing on departure

Aeromexico Embraer E170 strikes wing on departure

Inspected damage following the incident

Passengers were deplaned and placed on a replacement Embraer E170 registered XA-ACI 3.5 hours later.

An investigation into what caused the aircraft to roll and scrape its wing on the ground is likely.

For those interested in the METAR data:

MMCU 110242Z 25018G28KT 10SM SKC 24/M06 A2980 RMK SLP995 52028 987=
MMCU 110142Z 26020G31KT 10SM SKC 26/M06 A2976=
MMCU 110042Z 26023KT 8SM SKC 28/M06 A2973 RMK BLDU=
MMCU 102346Z 26022G33KT 8SM SKC 30/M05 A2971 RMK SLP958 57017 992 BLDU=
MMCU 102240Z 25026KT 8SM SKC 31/M03 A2971 RMK BLDU=
MMCU 102148Z 23024KT 8SM SKC 32/M02 A2971 RMK BLDU=
MMCU 102045Z RTD 26018G30KT 8SM SKC 32/M04 A2974 RMK SLP962 57011 992=
MMCU 101940Z 24017G30KT 10SM FEW200 32/M03 A2979 RMK 8/002 VC BLDU=

Information Source: The Aviation Herald