An unregistered Gulfstream II private jet, suspected of carrying drugs, has crashed near the boarder area of Belize.

According to Noticaribe the aircraft crashed into an open field next to a dirt road in Blue Creek, around the Orange Walk district. As a result of the impact, the aircraft split into two pieces.

Emergency services attending the aircraft found no signs of anyone around, let alone any personal belongings or cargo inside the aircraft. Authorities now suspect the aircraft was being used to traffic drugs or other prohibited substances/items.

Suspected Drug Transport Gulfstream Crashes Into Pieces

Due to the increase police presence around Petén, Guatemala and the destruction of several clandestine runways in the area, it is understood the pilots may have changed their flight path.

The Aviation Safety Network lists the aircraft as unregistered, however notes that it comes under serial number 199 and first performed its maiden flight in 1977.

Inspection of the aircraft presented the letters ‘PVO’ on the engine, however the was no complete registration. The livery looks like N511TL, which was exported to an unknown owner in Mexico in November 2017.

N511TL - Grumman Gulfstream IIB - KPDK - Jan 2013
N511TL – Grumman Gulfstream IIB – KPDK – Jan 2013

With no official flight plans and the illegal nature of the flight, it is unlikely an investigation will determine much. A search of the area found no one around, so any arrests at this stage are unlikely.