12th February, an airBaltic Airbus A220 ,with registration YL-AAU, diverted to Bordeaux Merignac Airport (BOD/LFBD) in France.

The aircraft was operating scheduled flight BT677 from Riga International Airport (RIX/EVRA) in Latvia to Malaga Costa Del Sol Airport (AGP/LEMG) in Spain.

BT677 Flight History

The aircraft took off after a short delay at 07:43 and proceeded to Spain; however, an uncontained left engine failure happened during the flight.

From the data collected by ADS-B, the speed of the aircraft dropped right after reaching the altitude of 39,000 ft. We can assume that was when the engine failed.

BT677 Flight Data

The pilot immediately shut down the left engine, started descending and turned back to a diversion airport in France.

This airBaltic Airbus A220 diverted safely. Currently, the aircraft is still in Bordeaux.

After landing, the picture of the failed engine appeared on social media.

YL-AAU was the 100th delivered Airbus A220 aircraft. It joined the airBaltic fleet last December and the accident has happened only 2 months after delivery.


The engine is a Pratt & Whitney PW1500G engine; the safety history of this engine model is not ideal.

In October 2019, SWISS grounded their entire Airbus A220 fleet for engine inspections. For more details, check the post below:

Cover Image: airBaltic