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Multiple Injured on JetBlue and Avelo Airlines Flight

On 22nd May 2023, several passengers reportedly fainted on a JetBlue flight from New York JFK to Santiago due to loss of cabin pressure at 32,000 feet.

The JetBlue Airbus A320-200 with registration N534JB was operating flight B6137 from New York JFK to Santiago, Dominican Republic. However, while it was climbing through FL330 out of New York, the aircraft experienced a significant drop in cabin pressure, prompting the flight crew to initiate an emergency descent.

Due to the loss of cabin pressure, the crew initiated an emergency descent approximately 30 minutes after takeoff. As a precautionary measure, the oxygen masks for passengers were deployed. 

In a video captured by one of the passengers, passengers could be seen donning their oxygen masks. 

The individual who shared the footage via a local media outlet’s WhatsApp number reported that while some people experienced fainting, there have been no major complications thus far.

After around six minutes, the aircraft leveled off at an altitude of 10,000 feet before the crew decided to return to its origin, New York. 

After leveling off at 10,000 feet, the aircraft returned to New York for a safe landing on runway 13R about 65 minutes after departure.

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Source: FlightRadar24

Flight Attendants Injured on Avelo Flight

In another incident on the 20th of May, three flight attendants on board an Avelo Airlines Boeing 737 were injured due to the wake turbulence of another widebody aircraft. 

The Avelo Airlines Boeing 737-700 with registration N701VL was operating flight XP357 from New Haven to Fort Myers. However, while it was en route at FL360 about 160nm northeast of Orlando, the aircraft encountered turbulence causing injuries to three flight attendants. 

As a result of the turbulence, the B737’s altitude dropped by about 400 feet. According to the Aviation Herald, the flight crew then diverted the aircraft to Orlando for a safe landing on runway 35L about 35 minutes after leaving FL360. 

The flight attendants were treated at Orlando for minor injuries and the replacement flight attendants took over for the remainder of the journey to Fort Myers.

Following an 80-minute grounding, the aircraft resumed its flight and eventually arrived at Fort Myers with a delay of about 90 minutes.

Feature Image via Twitter (CDN37)