Review: Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Class Lounge

Qatar Airways Al Safwa First Class Lounge

This is one of the best First Class Lounge I've been to!

It was opened in late October 2015.

Anyone with a First Class boarding pass can access this lounge; however, One World Emerald and Qatar Airways Platinum card holders cannot gain access.

The lounge entrance is located near the duty free area with clear signs. Qatar Airways staff members check your boarding pass for access.

The Lounge



The lounge is extremely spacious, open and quiet.

IMG_3852 IMG_3854

This water fountain is the centerpiece art of the lounge.


The water fountain created a smoothing, tranquil atmosphere, relaxing guests between flights.

OS4A2167 OS4A2181 20151206_141305 20160517_085032 20160517_060026 20151206_140445 20151206_141320 20151206_141337  

The lounge also boost a nice collection of art and antique.




Next is the open dining area. There is no buffet available, food is on a la carte basis and a waiter/waitress will serve you.

20151206_141050 OS4A2170 OS4A2174 20160517_083030   IMG_3879   20160517_083641

A sample of all day dining menu below:

20151206_142315 20151206_142320

Adjacent bar area


Krug, Pol Roger or Billecart Salmon all available.

20151206_142558 20151206_142612

Spa and Quiet Area

Next is the amazing Spa and Quiet area


Beautiful water sliding wall walkway towards Spa area

IMG_3861   20160517_061227   20151206_140255  

Spa entrance with water ways...


Unlike other airlines, Qatar Airways does not offer free spa treatments.  Instead, it offers premium treatments in either 30 or 60 minute blocks.

There is an extensive menu of treatments to choose from. Passengers can also choose between a male or female masseuse.

One of many treatment rooms.


This is the Chinese treatment room


Pedicure and Manicure room


Spa relax area with water fountain sliding down from the glass wall.

OS4A3763   OS4A3766  

There is also a double jacuzzi on offer. It will cost 200 QAR, but it is included if you purchase any one of the spa treatments available.

OS4A3769   20151206_122925   OS4A3779   20151206_124733    

Changing room


Shower room


After visiting the Spa area, there are hotel rooms in the Quiet Area for those who want to catch up on some sleep.

IMG_3874   IMG_3869   IMG_3870  

Ensuite facility inside the Quiet Room


There is also a quiet family area in case the rooms are full

20160517_060953 20160517_060837

Buffet area in the quiet rest area

20160517_060751 20160517_060745

Boarding Direct from Lounge

Another great feature of this lounge is that if your flight departs from a remote stand, you can simply walk downstairs to the lobby and board a mini-bus that will take you directly to the plane, which means no more walking a long distance, giving you a lot of extra time to relax in the lounge.

IMG_3894   IMG_3895   IMG_3898    

I think this is one of the BEST First Class lounge I’ve ever visited. It offers a great sense of tranquility, surrealness and relaxation. Its open design never makes you feel like you’re in a crowded space. There is plenty of seating to sit on and relax. Food and beverage is on par with most other First Class lounges. The Spa and Quiet area are certainly a value added bonus. It even has a dedicated duty free area!


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