ANA Boeing 787 dual engine shutdown upon landing

All Nippon Airways is currently investigating an incident that occurred on the 17th of January that saw both engines of one of their Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners shutdown simultaneously.

Flight NH985 from Tokyo Haneda to Osaka Itami with 118 members onboard was rolling down the runway after touching down as per usual when the pilots noticed both Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines had shutdown upon activating the thrust reversers.

With nothing to assist the aircraft off the runway, the crew let the aircraft roll until it came to a standstill 2450 meters (8030 feet) down the runway. The runway was subsequently closed before a tow truck arrived 40 minutes later. Despite going through checklists and troubleshooting over the phone with maintenance, the crew could not relight the engines.

The following image, sourced from The Aviation Herald and taken by Yomiuri Shimbun (a Japanese newspaper), shows the aircraft disabled on the runway:

ANA Boeing 787 dual engine failure upon landing

After the disembarkation of passengers, crew and all their associated belongings, the aircraft was inspected by engineers to find absolutely nothing wrong with the engines, leading them to believe a computer or software glitch caused the problem.

It’s worth noting that a bulletin was released by Boeing not so long ago to pilots and maintenance crew about the Thrust Control Malfunction Accommodation (TCMA) system, which prevents risk in an uncommanded high-thrust situation, stating that errors in the landing sequence could cause the system to activate. The errors include a combination of selecting full reverse too quickly before the aircraft has transitioned to ground mode followed by a quick deactivation of reverse thrust. Boeing advises not to apply full reverse too quickly in the bulletin.

Despite this bulletin, its important to understand that another factor could have caused this incident and a proper explanation will be released once a thorough investigation has been complete by the appropriate members.


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All Nippon Airways is currently investigating a dual engine shutdown event that occurred on the 17th of January on one of their Boeing 787-8 Dreamliners. The aircraft, registered JA825A, was operating flight NH985 with 118 people onboard when it landed successfully at Osaka airport. Upon activation of the thrust reversers, the pilots noticed both of the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 engines had shutdown. With no power, the aircraft became stranded on the runway for 40 minutes before a tow driver retrieved it. Inspection of the engines found absolutely no issues, which has led engineers to believe the incident was the result of a computer malfunction. Boeing released a bulletin a while ago for the Thrust Control Malfunction Accommodation (TCMA) system, stating certain handling of the aircraft could trigger the protection, however until an investigation is complete, this is just community discussion. Let’s see if @787guide has any ideas into this occurrence! #airbus #boeing #airbuslovers #airbusaviation #boeingaviation #a350 #a350news #787 #787dreamliner #dreamliner #a220 #allnipponairways #rollsroyce #japan #aviationgeeks #aviationgoals #aviationlovers #aviationlife #aviationdaily #aviationworld #takeoff #landing #aviation #planes #planelovers #planespotting #love #777x #photooftheday #follow4follow

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