Review: Air France Salon La Premiere First Class Lounge Paris CDG

Air France Salon La Premiere Paris CDG





As soon as my flight landed in Paris CDG, not only one but two Air France agent pick me up at the door and onto the awaiting limo underneath our gate, I knew I was in for an grand treat!!!

The Air France - Sixt BMW 7 series Limo waiting for me.


The lovely AF agent posing a photo with me.


I was welcomed immediately upon arrival and accompanied to the La Première lounge at an exclusive location.

20160514_112009   20160514_112402   20160514_112416  

Since coming in from Schengen area, I did not have to pass through security. A lady took care of my bags and all the formality. I was told everything have been taken care of even included a spa booking for me!

They assigned a special attendant to take care of me during my stay in the lounge.

I don't have to worry a thing in the lounge.


Lounge entrance.

20160514_112829     20160514_113656   20160514_112811  

Winner of the Best First Airline Lounge 2014 and 2015! Very impressive!


I went to the restaurant area first, which is served by the immaculately dressed waitress.


The dining area is very quiet and private.


Although there is a buffet area set up, it is more for display. You can simply ask the waitress to bring you anything from the menu or buffet.






Here is the breakfast menu





I ordered an omelette with some cold cuts.


Bacon on the side.




And the best....Top grade Jamon Iberico Pata Negra (Black Iberia Pig ham) with the fat melts in your mouth.


While enjoying my breakfast, my host in the lounge came with a bag of lovely surprise!


I was really surprised, the gift are so generous and will be treasured.


Include a leather pouch with "La Premiere" by Air France emblem on it.


Well the breakfast taste fine, but I made sure I didn't overeat and save some space for lunch which I believe it will be a proper French gastronomy affair.

After breakfast, I went further explore around the spacious yet exclusive lounge.




Further seating area is available behind the dining area.




There is a beautiful red glowing bar.



Behind the seating and dining area, there is a very uniquely decorated relaxing area.

There are no one in the whole area which makes it very quiet and private.

I was the only person there!



20160514_133228   20160514_133242   20160514_133249  

There is a soothing sound and light show from the large screen. Very relaxing to sit down and unwine.


Soon, it is my turn for Spa.

Air France La Premiere customer receive free 30 minutes spa treatment (Facial or Massage)

20160514_113218   20160514_113230   FullSizeRender   IMG_8307   20160514_113242  

Passenger could also pay for longer treatment.

After relaxing treatment, I went to use the bathroom. They're all individual rooms with round shape which I love the design. There are also few shower rooms available.

20160514_113536     20160514_113603     20160514_133550   20160514_113343   20160514_113357  

Amenity at shower suite.


Around 12:30pm, I came back to the restaurant and settled in for lunch. The waitress informed me they just changed their menu. Having fine French food is something I just can't miss!


The menu is designed by famous French chef, Alain Ducasse


  20160514_144401     20160514_144404  

I asked for Foie Gras for starter, although this is not on the menu today, the waitress/chef is able to accommodate my request!


I have lobster for main course. The waitress pour the lobster jus in front of you. The taste was so good.

Equally nice was the green tomato which is rare.


For dessert, I chose the "Monte Carlo style Baba" with Rum.

Again the rum is poured in front of you and you're served together with warm cream.

20160514_151910   20160514_151941  

The lunch was truely exceptional! It really satisfy my palate and makes me remember it.

Well that was my 4 hours spent in the lounge. Time passed so quickly that I almost didn't believe it was time for boarding.

Reluctant to leave the lounge, I was told the in-flight experience will be even better!

My bags are already loaded and I am ready for the voyage!


The Salon La Premiere provides unrivaled and unmatched exclusivity out of all the First Class Lounge I've visited in the World. I'd rank it the top of all lounge experiences. The seamless and hassle free plane to plane transfer, attentive lounge attendant, amazing food and beautiful relaxation area put this lounge into a destination of its own. I can't wait to be back again!

Salon La Premiere - Truly an exceptional lounge!

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1 Comment on Review: Air France Salon La Premiere First Class Lounge Paris CDG

  1. Woah, that’s truly exceptional. I have always been wanted to try the business class of Air France to Paris from HK but had heard mixed review of their services (non- First class of course) plus QR has occassionaly offered superb biz class deal to Europe on 787 which is sometimes quite unbeatable.

    After read through you review, Sam, it gives me a second thought on their services whether I should give them a shot or not next time.

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