Etihad lowered the fare on The Residence!

Etihad lowered the fare on The Residence

It has been almost 2 years since Etihad Airways released their top notch and phenomenal "The Residence" on their A380 which feature a living room, separate bedroom and ensuite shower room, it is the only three-room suite on a commercial airline, designed for two people travelling together.

The fare was beyond most people's budget reach, Abu Dhabi to London was priced at nearly $20,000 one way!

Recently, Etihad have re-priced the Residence fare and made it a little more affordable.

Here are some of the sample fares: (I've extracted them from Sabre GDS)

You can book most of the lowered fare on Etihad website.

Fare from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai roundtrip now cost $4,258


Fare from Abu Dhabi to Mumbai one-way now cost $3,036.

Fare from Cairo to Sydney roundtrip cost $11,907.

This puts per hour cost of flying in the residence more or less below $400 per hour!

I've tried many city pairs and found Cairo, among cities from India are the cheapest for the Residence.


You can also mix certain Economy fare and Residence.

A mix class trip from Mumbai to London in the Residence, return in economy cost $6,685


For those who prefer to travel in pair, the same itinerary will set you back $9,595 for 2 ($4798 per person)

It used to be the same cost for 1 or 2 person together in the Residence. Recently this has been adjusted, the 2nd person adds about 25% -40% of the first person's fare to the total cost.


Interested in flying Etihad The Residence? How to Book?

Here is a link to book direct on the website.

Is the lower fare sufficient to tempt you to try out the Residence? If you found a better fare please let me know!


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3 Comments on Etihad lowered the fare on The Residence!

  1. How do you book these fares as you can’t via the Etihad site. Also what is the cost one way from CAI-SYD? Is it cheaper than the Return?

    • If you interested, please let me know. I will put you in touch directly with Etihad Sales. Book direct with Etihad Sales and you’ll receive preferential treatment! Cairo to Sydney one way is about $8,500 for 1 passenger.

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