Qatar Airways Business Class B777
Qatar Airways Business Class B777

Review: Qatar Airways Doha to Bangkok Business Class B777-300/ER

Review: Qatar Airways Business Class B777-300/ER Doha to Bangkok

Date: 18 November 2009

QR610 Doha to Bangkok

B777-300/ER A7-BAG 132 POB

  Flight QR610 called for boarding approximately 50 minutes prior to departure time. Passenger were bused once again to the departing A/C, it was A7-BAG again. You get to hear the nice GE90 engine starting sound during push back, it is loud but nice!

Economy Class passenger use rear staircase to board




Welcome Onboard !


Row 7 , last row of Business Class. You can see the spacious legroom between the rows.


A company A320 taxiing , with Premium Terminal behind.


The current main passenger terminal.


Incredible Entertainment System and in-flight moving map showing the direction of our plane heading.


Onto the Piano Keys of Rwy 34, line up and ready for takeoff!


Airborne with ease !


You can imagine to hear the GE90 drumming sound from the window!


The new Doha Airport construction in distance


Fisheye view of over wing engine


The city of Fujairah below, before starting crossing the Indian Ocean

Onboard Service started swiftly with a Brunch and a snack offering prior to landing. The flight time to Bangkok was a quick 6 hrs 0 minutes.


First Course: Balik Salmon with Mozzarella Cheese


Main Event: Black Bean Beef with Egg Fried Rice


Rear Business class cabin (Row 5-7)



The rest of the flight was eventless, I was soundly asleep until the approach into Bangkok Survanabhumi Int'l. We landed 25 minutes ahead of schedule and deplaned in one of the gate closet to Immigration in the large airport. Fast Track card were handed out for clearing immigration. The Airport was not particularly busy in early evening hours. My journey with Qatar Airways came to an end.

After flight remarks:

I was deeply impressed by Qatar Airways no matter how "hard to please" personality I carried myself. The high level of service and professionalism displayed were consistently showed in all four of my flights. Many additional touches (choice of hot/cold towel, any time dining, pyjama, personal wishes, the willingness of serve and please) added to the overall enjoyment of the flight. Melbourne will be Qatar Airways next destination and Sydney will soon follows in the new year. It is exciting to see Qatar Airways raise the standard even among the Premium Carriers. For those haven't flown Qatar Airways, I urge you to sample this fine in-air experience, world's 5 star Airline.