Review: Jeddah South Terminal First Class Lounge

Transiting at Jeddah South Terminal is an experience!

You will be held in this transit room (police station) while the ground service agent take your passport outside to check you in.

Later on I was caught taking photos. However the Saudi policeman was a really nice guy, he laughed at me and told me to relax ...... 🙂


This transit room also have a backroom, host an interesting nations of "Dodgyman" from various Aftican nation and Yemen etc....

I believe they are in transit as well without Saudi visa.

I was told to stay in the room until my flights baord but I told policeman I am flying First Class on Air India so he promptly went outside to get my boarding pass and lounge invitation.


After 10 minutes of waiting, I got my boarding pass and ready to go to the First Class lounge in Jeddah for some rest.


All airline use the same First Class lounge in Jeddah.


First Class Lounge


Impressive lounge with King of Saudi portraits and an elevator inside!


Elevator inside the lounge.


Crowded downstairs area. Lot of passenger are flying Ek804 (A380) to Dubai

Very poor food offering, not even worth of taking photos as the food looks absolutely disguesting and staled.


Only drink offering upstairs, very quiet.


I have a can of Shani....full load of sugar...


The sofas are extremely comfortable. Overall the lounge is not managed very well. The toilets are dirty. The hardware is impressive but no one simply cares on the soft product to complete the First Class lounge experience.


I spent about 2 hours in the lounge. At 10:10 pm, I decide to leave the lounge to go to the gate. The Air India flight is scheduled to leave at 10:40pm from Jeddah.

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