This is a continuation of trip from Dubai to Addis Ababa

Welcome to Ethiopia sign at the terminal!


We have only 1 hour in transit before our next flight ET809 for Johannesburg. We visited Cloud Nine Lounge briefly.

The lounge was filled to capacity in the morning (and in the evening when we returned back from South Africa). It was practical but nothing luxury to write home about. Good amount of foods were on offer.

Some Ethiopian traditions were on display.


Food area in the morning


Pizza, Samosa, Springroll and Potato – your choice of Carbs.


The cook happily press your sandwich of your selections.


Ethiopian Beer. Tried one on later flights, not too bad.


Outside of the lounge, waiting area. The terminal 2 looks quite modern from outside and it was bright and airy inside.

IMG_6304   IMG_6307   IMG_6311  

We use another remote gate for Johannesburg and no separate bus for Business class this time. It was an old B767-300 (used by Hainan Airlines of China and Sobelair of Belgium).

25 Feb 2012

Addis Ababa - Johannesburg



97 pax on board

Flying time 5 hr 35mins


Boarding view: Note a white B767-300 operated by Ethiopian. No other airlines apart from its home airline at the terminal in the morning.


The Business Class cabin has 4 rows, with 6 seats across each row making total of 24 seats. The leather seats recline well but the leg rest don’t come up much higher for elevated support. It is also interesting to point out that EThave many different type of Business Class seat from what I can see over the pictures on internet. Many different fabrics (red, blue, brown etc) so I guess it is the luck of the draw on what you will get!


We took off on-time using Rwy07 (opposite direction to our landing). There was no breakfast service but lunch service due to start about 3 hours into the flight. (Around 11am)

The only inflight entertainment was from the small overhead screen and not many passengers were watching it. This is something ET is lacking especially their B767 flies Medium/long haul to Europe and Asia.


This time the menu selection was broader and you can select from traditional Ethiopian food such as Injera offered on the cart. You also get a choice out of 3 main Western dishes (Filet, Salmon or Ravioli Mushroom).

Starter : Vegetable Terrain. Taste just as it looks like…..can’t describe it. The Focaccia was excellent!


Traditional Ethiopian Food on Offer. I tried the Ethiopian dishes and found it a bit spicy and too flavorsome but I am sure there are many lovers out there.

IMG_6337   IMG_6339  

After a full lunch service, we were about 1 hour to land in Johannesburg. Shortly before landing, traditional Ethiopian music came to play around the whole cabin creating a relaxing atmosphere on descend into the vast land of South Africa.

We landed and arrived into gate exactly onetime at 13:10 local time. Our first portions of flights came to an end.


Ethiopian Airlines was the 132nd airlines I have flown with. I didn’t overly set my expectation on them knowing that I didn’t pay much so I shouldn’t expect or ask much in return. I think ET is fair, practical and punctual. Clearly they have been benefited from the membership of Star Alliance and proud to be part of it. They’re still a long way to go to match the other world class airlines in the rest of Star Alliance. What I think their biggest asset is their African network. The connection was perfect timing wise and by far, they offer the best convenience to Africa through their hub in Addis. From a country with GDP per capita of only 300 USD per person (taken from Wikipedia), Ethiopian airlines took everyone by surprise! I look forward to their B787 soon!