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Iran Air B747-SP IR800 Tehran – Beijing Homa Class

25 April 2012, IR800 Tehran – Beijing

Well 1 flight on the Iran Air B747 classic is certainly not enough for my enthusiasm, so I planned a few more that month! I bought ticket from Iran Air office in UAE to fly Tehran to Beijing and from Kuala Lumpur to Tehran on their famous B747-SP. It’s been 8 years since I last flew an Iran Air B747SP on the very same route (apart the fact that it was from Mehrabad airport to Beijing)

Tehran to Beijing was an overnight flight, departs Tehran around 8pm and arrives in Beijing in early morning around 7am. The flight was operated by EP-IAA “Persian Gulf” (former Kurdistan). A long haul flight in the Homa Class can guarantee you an excellent meal, a surprise Iranian gift to bring home with and endless enjoyment of the B747 classic in the nose area!

Here are some photo highlights from these flights:

The B747-SP awaits in rainy Tehran in the evening


Original Boeing manufactured label plate display on its door.


Cabin (22 Homa Class recliner seats) in the nose area. A new large LCD screen is wall mounted, replacing the old original projector screen.

Sitting right up next to the Jumbo’s nose!

19   7   8  

Iran is famous for its miniature and handicraft. Passenger not only receives one Mashhad leather amenity kit, but they also receive a special gift from Iran Air (It was saffron inside the miniature box!!)


The usual excellent meal service course by course served by cart.

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And the always accommodating and photo friendly crew!


Our flight route map. Basically it is following the old Silk Route

17   18  

Light breakfast before landing


EP-IAA in Beijing after landing the next morning.