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Iran Air B747-SP IR841 Homa Class Kuala Lumpur – Tehran Picture Report

The great highlight of the flight was both Roni and I are not only able to visit the cockpit during the flight, but we also scored a landing inside the cockpit! This was my first on Iran Air. The Captain who operated this flight was the Iran Air B747 fleet manager, upon my request;

he pushed the speed up to Mach 0.884 to show me what a B747-SP can do! Absolutely incredible! I guess the few minutes of show have cost a thousand dollars? What an amazing gesture!

Enjoy the pictures of my joyride.

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Multi-course lunch service include soup, salad, starter, bread roll, main course from buffet and dessert.

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Economy Class, the onboard praying area is covered with curtain.

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Afternoon tea after 3.5 hours flying.


B747-SP Cockpit


Captain S Karimien, A Moghadam and F/E S Sepahi


Another light meal before landing! Essentally 3 meal service on a 8 hours flight.

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Final approach Runway 29R

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