PK308 Karachi - Islamabad B777-200/ER AP-BHX STD 1600 ATD 1610 STA 1755 ATA 1750 Flight time: 1 hour 40 minutes POB: 282 passengers Seat: Economy Plus, later Jumpseat

      Airborne out of Karachi. Urban Sprawl of Karachi below.   Heading North direction.   Economy Plus section, same seat with better leg room.   Economy section.   Business Plus section. 2-3-2 Seating, a total of 35 seats in this section.     This is the in-flight meal between Karachi and Islamabad, not bad for a 1hour 45 mins flight! The Samosas are great!   We visited the cockpit about 20 minutes before landing into Islamabad. The sun is already setting fast.   How roomy the B777 cockpit is from a fish eye!   Approach into Islamabad.   Note the runway is to the left, the right hand side is a major road to the airport.       As expected, a very smooth landing followed by backtrack on the runway to the apron area. There are no taxiways adjacent to the runway at Islamabad.   Please see my YouTube video for the landing inside B777.   There are no aerobridges so we park on a remote bay. Islamabad airport is extremely small in sizes.   Stepping outside the PIA B777!   Some of the scenes at Islamabad airport.         I am staying at the Marriott Islamabad, the very same hotel suffered from a huge bombing incident killed over 50 people a few years ago. What they have done is built a new façade completely separated from the hotel building, so if any attack took place the impact will be limited.       Nice club room   They do celebrate Christmas in Pakistan from this point of view!   With my friend AN We went outside to meet some of AN’s friend who treated us to this great tasty “Lahori Tikka” restaurant.   Khalid and his wife received a copy of my new book Air2.   Zinger Fish.   Irresistible BBQ Grill   Some sort of curry chicken.   Some street scenes, very few foreigner around so I did raise some attention but it was ok.     Night life at Islamabad, restaurant and ice cream store.   A famous book store where you can buy great Pakistani books.   Usual sight on the street, nicely decorated truck.