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Grand Air Tour of Pakistan – Part 5 Flying PIA B777-300/ER to Dubai

After a few hours of aviation fun, it’s time to go back to the airport and leave the country.
Karachi - Dubai
B777-300/ER AP-BHV
Flight time: 2 hour 15 minutes
Seat: 1A then Jumpseat

I was not expect any jumpseat and VIP treatment on my last flight out of Pakistan, simply put, I have been extremely lucky and satisfied of my past 7 flights with PIA as an VIP and it is time to return as a normal passenger. However my luck just didn’t stop there! Few minutes before boarding I received a phone call from my friend AN. He told me to turn left after boarding; the crew is expecting you and will take care of you! Just incredible message, the crew received me well at boarding and took me to Business Class seat 1A straight away. (Despite I have an economy boarding pass)

The return flight has been upgraded from the usual A310 to a B777-300/ER. Many passengers were connecting from Dhaka to Dubai through Karachi. I have noticed PIA currently use a B777 most of the time between Karachi and Dubai.
Business Plus section onboard B777-300/ER. Invalid request error occurred. Dinner service Invalid request error occurred. A really tasty buffet is offered. Include many Pakistani favourite dishes like Chicken Tikka, Grill fish and other saucy dishes. Invalid request error occurred. My dinner was that good and tasty that I have 2 servings. Invalid request error occurred. A sweet dessert (Rice vermicelli) Invalid request error occurred. Little did I know PIA has an onboard bar! This is located at the very front of the aircraft. Since PIA is a total dry airline, I wonder how often they serve drink/food from this bar? Invalid request error occurred. Invalid request error occurred. After my dinner, I advanced inside the cockpit ready for descend and landing into Dubai. This will be my first time landing into Dubai inside the cockpit. You can see everywhere is well lit. Please be sure to watch my YouTube video of this awesome landing. You can hear full ATC conversation in the video. Invalid request error occurred. Invalid request error occurred.

Well that was my 3 days adventure to Pakistan hosted by PIA. I rode inside the cockpit a total of 7 out of 8 sectors! It was sheer incredible experience. Never thought things will turn out this well and never imagined I can sit inside the cockpit on so many flights in such a short time frame. PIA’s hospitality is second to none. All of the cockpit and cabin crew made me feel like at home and treat me like their own family. I would like to sincerely thank my friend AN for his precision planning and his incredible support on my trip. Also I would like to thank PIA management for granting such rare insight into the airline operation. I hope one day I shall return to Pakistan for more adventure!

Pakistan itself is a hugely diverse country with many attractions ranging from the cities to the mountains to the deserts. I found the country always interesting. Contrary to all the negative news, the people are extremely kind and always will to go extra mile to help their guest. The country has relatively good infrastructure. I would love to travel there again and again; like I always say, you really have to go there to see it for yourself!

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