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Flying the oldest active Airbus in the World! Mahan Air A300-B4 EP-MHF Tehran to Mashhad

1 March 2013

After bidding my farewell to the great Saha B707 the night before. The next morning I am flying Mahan Air to Mashhad, staying in Mashhad for a few hours then changing plane to Dubai with Iran Aseman B727.

W5 1033

Tehran – Mashhad

EP-MHF, msn 055, A300B4-103

STD: 0930

ATD: 0930

Airborne: 0940

ATA: 1050


Mahan Air’s small but very smart looking boarding pass.


The flight is operated by A300-B4 variant. EP-MHF.

To my surprise, I was told later this is the oldest operating A300 in the world (MSN 055). It was made in 1978, 35 years old A300!

I did not know this in advance, I am certain feeling very lucky!

41 42

We took off on-time again. The cabin is filled about 90% but I have an empty seat next to me. The cabin is filled about 90%. I am also surprised to see Business Class seat on-board. But too late to change ticket, I settled well in row 31 in Coach. The Mahan A300B4 is maintained so well that the conditions are almost spotless!


Passengers received a small snack pack for breakfast consisted of pastry, bread roll, jams, cheese and honey plus orange juice. Later we were served with great Iranian Chai (tea).


It was pretty much a non-eventful flight but I have noticed our flight time to Mashhad is a little longer then last night’s Saha flight. We landed few minutes late in Mashhad with another great smooth landing!

The A300 took even longer time to taxi when compared to Saha as Saha are always speeding on the taxiway! Arrival view of Martyr Hashemi Nejad Mashhad International Airport.


Both front and rear door are used for passengers to deplane. A first time for me uses rear stairs in Iran.


EP-MHF, hard to believe it is 35 years old A300, the oldest A300 in service in the world!