Lufthansa B747-400 First Class
Lufthansa B747-400 First Class

Review: Lufthansa B747-400 First Class Frankfurt to Dubai

Review: Lufthansa B747-400 First Class

Frankfurt to Dubai

Welcome Onboard Lufthansa First Class

LH630 Frankfurt to Dubai

Seat 83C


We have just 4 passengers on the entire upper deck!

Amazing "One chair and One bed" concept on the upper deck of B747-400

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A nice personal touch with my name written on the menu.


Pyjama, Rimowa amenity kit and slipper are handed out during boarding.


Mimosa with Macadamia nuts.


Champagne with Amuse Bouche


First Class butter!

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Starter: Caviar


Salad and seafood appetizer


Main course: Sea Bass with seafood risotto


Dessert and cheese to finish the meal service.

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Our flying time was a short 6 hours 20 minutes. I was sleeping the whole way.

One nice feature of sleeping on the bed inside is that you're level with the window, you can see the sky view while laying flat. Not to mention, the bed is extremely private located inside.


A quick snack before landing into Dubai.


With F/O Bernd, who turned out to be a surprise onboard.

Bernd is a fellow aviation enthusiast who flew me on this flight, unplanned!

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The "One chair One bed" concept on Lufthansa B747-400 First Class is amazing! It is one of the great ideas that you can have both a seat and a dedicated bed with great privacy next to the window. The upper deck have maximum capacity of 8 passengers so it is very private and exclusive.

The food is consistent and great. Thank you Lufthansa for another smooth flight!