Review: Lufthansa B747-8 Intercontinental First Class

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As many of you may know, from Feb 1, United is devaluing the miles by increasing the mileage level on redemption on partner airlines. Therefore, I took the opportunity to redeem my miles on something I haven’t flown but I always wanted to; Lufthansa B747-8I. After some searches, I was able to use my miles to fly between Beijing and Frankfurt (and onward to Dubai later on their B747-400) in First Class with just 65,000 miles!

Lufthansa is the only airline flying the latest generation of Jumbo Jet, B747-8I in the world so needless to say, I am very excited and looking forward to my flight. During the winter schedule, Lufthansa is using B747-8I flying to Beijing instead of the A380. I believe Lufthansa is one of the first Western European airlines to serve Beijing since China open its doors in the 1980s using B747-200. Flight number LH720/721 hasn’t been changed since!

To make it a little simple, I will let most of my pictures to speak for themselves. It won’t be a heavy trip report. I took most of my time enjoying the flight so the trip report won’t be very detail but I hope you can see my enjoyment!

However, I strongly encourage you to view the video as I have captured the motion of jetstream coming off the engines over a very cold Siberia (5:00)

Check in

Lufthansa and all of the Star Alliance airlines use Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital Int’l. Check in was swift, the agent were able to print out 2 boarding pass; 1 to Frankfurt and 1 to Dubai the next day.

The stylish First Class ticket jacket!

Beijing T3 airside nice Chinese patio

Lufthansa use Air China lounges in Beijing. The lounge has nothing to write home about, it is awful. There were very little food and beverages available.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner were served strictly in 3 time intervals, outside these intervals, you get nothing!

However, I manage to find some Dim Sum leftovers.

After 1 hour in the lounge, it is time to walk to the gate and the excitement build up inside me!

The B747-8 await!


I turned left from door 1 with a warm welcome J  I will be seating at 1A, my favourite nose area.

A glass of chilled Bollinger and salted Macadamia nuts is served.

Rimowa amenity kit

Pyjama and slipper

My quite little corner for the next 10 hours!

Seat Control, everything is electronically adjusted.

The new Ceiling and new bins on the B747-8I.

The Journey


Beijing – Frankfurt

D-ABYJ “Hannover”

Loads: 352/362

Loads in First Class: 3/8

Flying time 9hr44mins

My 239th B747 flight (all variants)

My 1st B747-8 flight

We pushed back on-time and took off from Northerly Runway 01 on a relatively clear day in Beijing. With several banks towards the NW directon, we crossed some mountain range near Beijing heading towards Inner Mongolia, then outer Mongolia and towards Siberia.

I turned on the in-flight entertainment.

I was watching this real time moving map for the next many hours!

After reaching the cruising level, I quickly get off my seat and walked around the plane before the crew start their service.

Staircase to upper deck

Upper deck with 32 seats.

A pair of empty new Business class on main deck.

2-2-2 seating on the main deck, very spacious on a B747!

Now back to First Class, lunch service is getting ready. I took a few more cabin picture and moved my seat to the middle pair for lunch!

Meal Menu and wine menu, the catering is specially designed by the chefs at Ritz Carlton Portman Shanghai.

Timeless tradition: Caviar as starter.  Note: I took a British Airways First Class flight from London to Miami, but was served with 2 slice of Smoke Salmon. Lufthansa remains the benchmark standard!

Appetizer Cart

Trio of Appetizer: Smoke Duck breast, prawns and grill vegetable with Salad

A photo to take home with in LH pyjama!

For main, there was 4 choices, I chose Scallop with Chinese XO Sauce and rice. Very well done. The crew did come back ask me whether I want to try the other mains.

Cheese and Dessert cart

I chose a cake and mango sago soup (Chinese dessert)

Chocolate and digestive to follow

Followed by a gourmet lunch, I befriended with all of the flight attendant and the purser, we exchanged a lot of conversation of what China was in 1980s and now. They were all very friendly and did their best to serve their passengers. We took some souvenir photo together! Both ladies serving First Class has 26 and 28 years of experiences!

Acting as a purser calling to the flight deck, can I visit? 😉


Raked wingtip with GEnx engines.

To my surprise, I was able to catch the jetstream off the engines over a very cold Siberia

See the video (5:00) for a more vivid capture of the jetstream

2 oversize First Class bathroom.

Back to First Class, other passengers retired to rest, however the crew was waiting me before turning the light down. They do care about their passenger!  The divider provides good privacy.

Sweet Dream and very plush and soft duvet!  I forgot to mention only in First Class the window blinds are electronic adjusted!

After 2 hours of rest, I woke up again and was offered some snack

About 1.5 hours before landing, a proper dinner is served! I was pleasantly surprised how much catering LH have on this 10 hour flight! Compare to BA First, they serve just afternoon tea!

Starter: Parma Ham, spicy beef and Salmon tartare.

Without asking, the crew brought me both Chinese and Western choices. They know their F class passenger well 😉

The window are raised for landing, a last look at the nose area! To be missed!

After landing, the captain invited me to visit the cockpit. Note the 2 large EFB on both side. The captain mentioned the MTOW is about 50 tons heavier than the B747-400. The B747-8 is also the world’s longest commercial aircraft!

D-ABYJ at gate, what a ride! The pleasure is all mine!


I enjoyed every minute of my flight and the sweet memory continues to last when I type this report. With my usual enthusiasm and positive attitude, the flight is flawless. Lufthansa is my favourite European airline because of they deliver a consistent level of professional service with elegance and sophistication. I have flown many flights with the Gulf carriers but flying European airlines in the front is a very, very nice change. I hope to fly more B747-8I in the future. Please stay tuned to my Lufthansa B747-400 new First Class experience from Frankfurt to Dubai.

Thanks for reading and watching

This trip report can also be seen in Youtube video format from below link: