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Trip Report: Emirates A380 Premium Economy Los Angeles to Dubai

Trip Report: Emirates A380 Premium Economy Los Angeles to Dubai

I flew on Emirates A380 from Los Angeles to Dubai and checked out the new Premium Economy product on this 16 hours flight.

Emirates has just added Premium Economy on to/from U.S. A380 flights including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and New York. There were just 13 passengers taking advantage of the Premium Economy cabin on my flight.

Emirates Premium Economy Video

Emirates Premium Economy Fare

One-way Premium Economy fare from LA to Dubai non-stop is about $2000, which is one thousand dollars more than the Economy Flex fare.

Note: Currently, there is no mileage upgrade from Economy to Premium Economy.

One could pay cash onboard for an upgrade to Premium Economy but on my flight, the crew told me the rate was $1,800. So I think buying a ticket outright may be the better option.

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a screenshot of a flight schedule
The difference between Economy Flex Plus ($1930.6) and Premium Economy ($2005.6) is marginal; just a $70 difference but if you can book in Premium Economy and you can use fewer miles (65,520 miles) to upgrade to Business Class!

Emirates Premium Economy Seat

The best seat is 35D and 35G if you don't care about the window view. These are center aisle seats on the first row behind the A380 staircase bulkhead. There is literally unlimited legroom in front of these seats.

Row 33, 34 and 35 are quieter as it is located in front of the airplane. Due to the position of the A380 main staircase, row 33 to 35 offer only pair seats on each side which can be more private.

For the best engine view from the window, try seat 40A or 40K.

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Row 40K, last row in Emirates A380 Premium Economy

Premium Economy seat comes with legrest and footrest. The seat pitch is about 38-40 inches according to Emirates.

There is one power outlet share among the pair of 2 seats. USB and USB-C cable outlet is on the TV monitor.

One caveat of the Premium Economy seat, is the table console built in between seats. You simply can't lift the armrest and lie flat across the seats like in Economy Class if your flight is empty.

a row of seats with monitors on the back
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There is a gap next to the window seat due to the A380 curvature.
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Before takeoff, Emirates crew came around to take instant Polaroid pictures for passengers.
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Amenity Kit for Premium Economy and Economy class

My Flight

My flight was delayed due to offloading 2 intoxicated passengers in Business Class.

LAX Airfield has maintenance on the North side so our A380 has to taxi to the Southern runway for takeoff. It has to cross 2 active runways and taxi on the cargo (Imperial) side to runway 25L for takeoff. Runway 25L usually is used for landing at LAX. Enjoy the A380 takeoff in my video.

Our flight time to Dubai was 15 hours and 22 minutes over the North Atlantic.

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an aerial view of land and water
Passing Catalina Island after airborne from LAX

Emirates Premium Economy Meal

The meal looks very good in my opinion, almost Business Class quality. It was served on a single tray as opposed to course by course in Business Class. I didn't try any wine on this flight.

a tray of food on a plane
a tray of food on a table
Side comparison between Emirates Economy and Premium Economy meal
a tray of food on a table
Side comparison between Emirates Economy and Premium Economy meal

On this flight, Emirates serves 2 full meals (dinner and breakfast) with a light bite in between.

a plate of food and fruit on a tray
Premium Economy breakfast (landing meal)
a plate of food on a table
Premium Economy breakfast (landing meal)

There is free Wi-Fi for Emirates Skywards members on this flight.

However, certain geographical region does not have Wi-Fi coverage such as flying over Russia or India.

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a screenshot of a computer

Here are 2 more beautiful photos during the flight. Those passengers who didn't sleep got treated to the amazing Northern Light which is quite rare in the summer month of July.

an airplane wing with two engines
green lights in the sky


Overall, I think the Emirates Premium Economy is a strong appealing product at an extra premium. The seat is beautiful (as of now) and offers a decent recline and leg room. The strong point is the food and amenities. The best seat is in row 33, 34 and 35 which offer more privacy and legroom.

For more details, you can see it in my video.

Emirates Premium Economy Video