Fly your own Hahn Air Business Jet for just 180 Euros!
Fly your own Hahn Air Business Jet for just 180 Euros!

Review: Hahn Air Business Jet for just 180 Euros!

Fly your own Hahn Air Business Jet for just 180 Euros!

Have you ever dreamed of flying in a business jet, like the stars, starlets and big managers? It can just cost 180 Euros! I did it!

Airevents can make your dream come true! Take a flight on a Cessna CJ4 CitationJet between Dusseldorf and Luxemburg!


Hahn Air is operating this route twice a week, every Monday and Friday except most bank holidays.

Here are the flight times:
Dusseldorf-Luxemburg – HR330 – 08:35-09:20
Luxemburg-Dusseldorf – HR331 – 15:45-16:30

Baggage allowance: 1 bag max. 20 kg + 1 hand bag max. 7 kg (55x35x16 cm)

As an international air travel company and member of IATA, Hahn Air regularly operates domestic and international scheduled and charter flights using ultra-modern Cessna business jets. They offer flights with excellent passenger comfort in the premium sector.

Hahn Air is inspected by IATA every two years for compliance with IOSA standards and recommended practices, which is a requirement for all IATA member airlines. Their brand new aeroplanes and our exceptionally well trained pilots mean the highest level of safety for our passengers.

Trip Video:




Hahn Air has its own check-in desk (sharing and handle by British Airways) at Dusseldorf main airport terminal.


I was issued a British Airways boarding pass within seconds. The agent informed me I will be the only passenger. While this was very welcoming, I wasn’t totally surprised as Hahn Air often flies with 1 or 2 passengers on this route without much advertising and marketing. They operate it for the reason to keep their license as a charter operator I was told.



Notice the unusual seat number “001” 🙂


Passenger on this executive flight are invited to use Business Class lounge prior to boarding.




I think this must be a First time for me, riding the bus alone to the plane without any other passengers!


The very friendly Dusseldorf based crew is waiting to greet me at the door.


I am moments away from stepping into my “own” business jet!


Interior of the 6 seater Cessna CJ4. It is just delivered few months ago with the new interior smell. Everything is in mint condition!



Yours truly enjoying a selfie onboard (really no one to take photo for me)


For today’s short flight (30 minutes) I received a bag of Sandwich with salami, fruit smoothie and premium yogurt.



There are plenty of water, coffee/tea. If the pilot is in a good mood, he will come out and serve you the drinks 🙂



The seat in full recline mode, while not completely flat, I think I can survive this one 😉


There is no door between cockpit and the cabin so you can lean over and watch the pilots flying. Today’s flight to Luxembourg takes just 30 minutes at flight level FL230.


In no time, we are approaching runway 08 of Luxembourg!


On the same day afternoon, I took the same flight flying back to Dusseldorf after some sightseeing with my Luxembourgish friend.

Hahn Air use common Business Class check-in counter.


Notice my seat number “XXX”  Damn, there is another passenger joining, the sequence number is 002 for me…


Again, passenger can use Business Class lounge run by Luxair





Welcome back!


For the return flight, please enjoy the video.


It is an awesome experience with just 180 euros able to fly in a Business Jet. With some luck, you can fly it exclusively!

This is a highly recommended experience for those who want to sample a “once in a life time” luxury without breaking the bank.

If you are interested in booking this unique business jet experience. Please visit Airevents website