Air China B747-8 Review
Air China B747-8 Review

Review: Air China B747-8 Beijing Shanghai Domestic Experience

 Air China B747-8 Review

Flight CA1519

Beijing -> Shanghai Hongqiao


Reg: B-2480

Flying time 1hr40mins, 666 miles

Air China have received all 7 B747-8 on order and deploy the new flagship of the fleet from Beijing base to New York, San Francisco, Frankfurt and on domestic trunk route from Beijing to Shanghai and Guangzhou.

The B747-8 flies domestically on an almost daily basis, sometimes up to 3 flights between Beijing and Shanghai.

The seatmap of Air China B747-8 as below:



Air China operate out of Terminal 3 of Beijing, there is a row of dedicated First/Business class check in for domestic flight with red carpet.


Boarding Pass entitle you to visit First Class lounge (domestic wing)

If you are Star Alliance gold travelling in economy, you are also entitle to use the Business Class lounge.

Both lounge serve the same food, a few Chinese packaged snack, instant cup noodles and the usual packaged drinks. There isn’t much alcohol on offer.


B-2480 doing my duty flight today.


Boarding via the glass jet way with red carpet roll out, where are the other pax?


After boarding, we were escorted to the front section, our seats are in the first row, 11J and 11L. There are a total of 12 business class seats in the nose area, with another 12 in zone B and 30 seats on the upper deck.


Rainbow mood light switch on during taxi, takeoff and landing.


After a very powerful takeoff, beverage and snack service are being offered quickly.


Fruit plate, Chinese dim sum and an apricot cake as the snack service. I was told there is full lunch and dinner service during flight with the right timing.

The snack taste fine.


Photo taken by the crew of Air China.



After the meal, it is time for a quick visit of the other cabin.


Upper deck of B747-8i.  Total of 30 seats in this exclusive zone.


Stylish stairway only on B747-8


Note the Air China logo added on the wingtip.


Air China have First Class situated in the middle of the cabin, 3 rows labeled as Row 1,2,3 in the middle. Although the first row is Row 11 in the nose.

I think it is an interesting concept as this give even more room for the passenger and First Class pax are the first to get on and deplane. What do you think?

15 16 17

After a quick tour, the rainbow mood light has been switched on which means it is timing to take the seat for landing into Shanghai.


There are some good space at the very front end of the plane. Perhaps can be used as a snack bar for onboard socializing?


A very smooth touch down brought us to an end of the quick domestic flight, it is really awesome to have the honor to fly a B747-8 on domestic flight. A choice I would gladly take on every occasions. Air China have a solid world class product.



Photo/text: Sam Chui