Korean Air First Class Review
Korean Air First Class Review

Review: Korean Air First Class B747-400 Seoul Incheon to Singapore

Korean Air First Class Review

Flight KE643 Incheon to Singapore

The following day after an overnight at the Sheraton Incheon Hotel, I am back to the airport ready to fly the latest flagship of Korean Air, B747-8I to Singapore.

Unfortunately at check in the staff informed me that the aircraft is changed to a B747-400 due to A/C maintenance..... 🙁

The change resulted from a 1-1 private suite seating to a 2-2 traditional first class seating on the seat plan.

The only consolation is I will be the only First Class passenger onboard today's flight.....


Korean Air's premium check in area at home base Incheon.

Unfortunately, there is no fast track for security screening, but it was efficient and fast enough to get to airside.


Once airside, I visited KAL First Class lounge on the Mezzanine Floor of the concourse.


A proud B747-8 model on display, but sadly it is not my flight.



The lounge itself with plenty of window and natural lighting. It offers plenty of comfortable seating. It is a solid First Class lounge but didn't have any "Wow" factor as Cathay Pacific, Singapore or Qatar Airways lounge do.



Cold dishes on offer include Kimchi and fruit.


3 hot choices on offer, in addition you can order noodles.


Dessert and bread on offer.

20151205_130003 20151205_125917

Bottega Gold Champagne


There is a room with 2 electronic massage chair. There are no quiet or slumber room.


After an hour in the lounge, I went to gate 15 to board today's flight. I saw a B747-8I towed into the adjacent gate to San Francisco. It almost felt an anti-climax.


Aircraft change notice at the gate. Later I found out Korean Air take the change seriously, as many passengers have complained about it. It doesn't happen often on Korean Air, but it happened on my flight today!


Although disappointed, there's still nothing like boarding a B747 and turning left at the door!


Welcome Onboard our B747-400

With 3 FAs and the purser all waiting me and started bowing before I reached the aircraft door, I knew I was in for a treat. I forgot about all my disappoint from that moment on! I was looking forward again to the flight.

The aircraft change could be worst, it could change from a B747 to a B777 or A330.

I am glad it remains the Queen of the Sky!

Welcome to my 252nd B747 flight.


First Class sleeper seat.



Korean Air hands out First Class amenity kit and sleepwear even on this 6 hour daylight flight.

You can view Korean Air's First Class perks here.


Welcome onboard Champagne


Follow by a 1 to 1 in-flight safety demo.

She makes me shy too!


With just a short taxi, we are onto Runway 33L and ready to go!

The view is another reason why B747 nose area is much preferred to all the seasoned traveler.


Incheon Airport view after airborne.


Few things can rival watching the B747 climb and bank with the view all from your window......



I am ready to eat another 6 courses "Light" meal!


Amuse Bouche: Meat ball with Lotus root and marinated tomato with a glass of mimosa.


20151205_152401 20151205_143542

I have the whole cabin to myself.

At this point, I think I have completely recovered from the disappointment of not to fly the B747-8!


Starter: Lobster Salad with black sesame cream and yam.


Way too delicious!


Chinese bread (bun)


Salad with sesame dressing


Main Course: Medium rare cooked Steak

It was beautifully presented.


And it taste just like medium rare, tender and moist!

Well done Korean Air!


No cakes or fancy dessert, just either fruit or ice ream, I have green tea flavor and it was very nice.


After my "light meal", I went further explore the cabin.


In fact I've ordered the FA to turn down not just my own seat, but all 12 seats 🙂

She didn't question for a second, but happily obliged. The service spirit on Korean Air was second to none!

OS4A3660 OS4A3645 OS4A3592 OS4A3609 OS4A3552

20151205_151907 20151205_151838 20151205_151816

Next, I made my visit to the upper deck

Much to my surprise, most of the Business Class customers chose to sit downstairs with just 1 passenger occupy the whole upper deck!

OS4A354520151205_145825 20151205_145908 20151205_150422

Meanwhile, back to my own cabin to enjoy it further with my favorite music tunes on.


Bed turned down for a late afternoon nap.

Don't judge by the average appearance. The quilt is one of the most warm and comfortable (very homey feel) one!


Wow, who took this photo of me?


After about 2 hours of napping, I woke up.

The flight attendant is already line up behind me, she anticipated my needs to perfection.


Beautiful sunset over South China Sea.

We did have some heavy thunderstorm builds up in the area, the captain manually bank away from these cells and there is no better seats than the nose area of the B747 to feel these small adjustments.


I went for the arrival meal. Big mistake, it was another large meal!

I didn't finish all the steak, so I told the crew to save it for me, they did a great job to warm it up!


Wonton Soup


The arrival to Singapore is non-eventful with an on-time landing on Rwy 20C.

To Conclude

Regardless of which aircraft, Korean Air delivered a very special experience from the moment I board the flight to the moment I finished my journey. Their great attention to details and service concept really provided extra perk to the First Class customers. Korean Air is stylish, luxury and traditional at the same time. I am already planning my next flight with them!  

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