Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai Review
Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai Review

Review: Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai Concourse A

Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai

On my recent Qantas First Class flight from Dubai to Sydney, I have the pleasure to sample the Emirates First Class lounge in Dubai Concourse A, which occupies the whole 3rd floor of the concourse. It is possibly the biggest F class lounge I've ever visited!

Follow me in the photo journey to discover the massive First Class lounge.


Entrance on Level 3


Nice Podium, passenger enter the lounge through the passage behind the reception.

20160421_070452     20160421_070504  

An individual duty free area is presented after entering to the lounge.

20160421_070603     20160421_070619  

Above the lounge is the Business Class Lounge and Hotel.


There are many seating area right next to each boarding gate. There is a food and beverage station outlet to each seating area.

My Qantas flight use gate A1, and here are the photo of the amenity near the gate in the lounge.

20160421_070710     20160421_084243     20160421_084239  

Wow, even a sushi and sashimi station at the gate!


If you like to explore further, there are two buffet area and two fine dining area located at each end of the Concourse.


20160421_071056     20160421_071101     20160421_075858     20160421_075820     20160421_075833     20160421_075828     20160421_075852  

Fine Dining area is just adjacent to the buffet area. A waiter will get you seated and serve your order.

20160421_075722     20160421_071244     20160421_071251    


20160421_071312     20160421_071315     20160421_071331     20160421_071335     20160421_071340     20160421_071343     20160421_071348     20160421_071604     20160421_071613  

My cooked to order breakfast, although the omelet looks rubbery, it is one of the best I have in the UAE!


Salmon Fishcake

20160421_073352     20160421_073824  

Breakfast with a view!


After breakfast, it is time to walk around to explore more!


Children's play area.


Emirates Cigar Bar (Smoking room)

20160421_080237     20160421_080310     20160421_080321    

Quiet Lounge

20160421_080412     20160421_080443     20160421_083431    

Timeless Spa located next to the lounge on level 3


First Class pax gets 15 minute free treatment.


Business Lounge


After exploring the lounge, you simply board your flight from the lounge boarding gate directly!



Well the Emirates First Class lounge may looks huge and one can be disorient at times. I suggest you to allow plenty of time to explore and enjoy it.

As soon as you arrive at the lounge, you should head to the Timeless Spa to book in for a treatment as it is often full in the busy hub hours.

Head to the end of the lounge, where the fine dining restaurant is located and you will not be disappointed. The food there is one of the best in terms of airline lounge offering.

After that head for the Cigar bar or quiet lounge for some relaxation before boarding directly to your plane.

The Emirates First Class lounge at Concourse A offers solid product in literally unlimited amount of space. It probably takes more than one visit to get used to it. Once acquainted, there are excellent values to be enjoyed! I certainly tried to make the most of my visit!

I would be interested to know your thoughts about it!