Etihad First Class Apartment Review
Etihad First Class Apartment Review

Review Etihad First Class Apartment A380 Abu Dhabi to London

Etihad First Class Apartment Review



13 May 2016

Abu Dhabi - London

Etihad A380 First Class "Apartment" Seat 3K

Flight EY019 Flying time 7 hours 45mins

This is my 3rd time flying Etihad A380 First Class which I regard it as one of the very Best First Class product and a very different one to the conventional forward facing seating.

Before American Airlines AAdvantage Miles devaluation happened on 22nd March, I redeemed this flight in First Class for only 40,000 AAdvantage Miles, which cost just 700 dollars more or less!

This report intend to be a photo report. You can view more details on my previous flights in First Class "Apartment".

EY012 London to Abu Dhabi

EY454 Abu Dhabi to Sydney

The journey started with Etihad Chauffeur drive pick up from my home and drop off at Abu Dhabi Premium check-in area at T3.

The check-in area has a face lift.


Waiting area inside the check-in area.

20160513_060458   20160513_060522  

The A380 is docked at gate 33, today's EY019 flight to London is operated by the latest A380, A6-APG!

20160513_061130   20160513_061232  

A quick visit to the Etihad Premium Lounge. The dedicated First Class lounge is not in-time to open yet! (scheduled to open on May 30th)


You can see the Premium Lounge details in this post.

I went for my favourite place before flight : Style and Shave area, only to be greeted by my favourite Barber Hasan.

20160513_061732     20160513_062011     20160513_061919  

The Hair and Shave salon menu.

Hair cut and shave is complimentary to First Class ticket holder.

As of 1 May 2016, you can only choose to have 1 complimentary treatment either in the Shave lounge or Spa.

Previously you can have both free.

Business Class passengers are no longer entitled to free Spa treatment.


Boarding was called at 7:30am for 8am departure.

We're extremely lucky to fly the latest A380 of Etihad's fleet of 7.

A6-APG was in service only a week ago before our flight!


Welcome drink : Mimosa, with the usual towel and arabic date service.


I was warmly welcome by the F&B manager Greg, a French national. He offered to take some photo for me including a selfie with the first class stewardess Magdalena from Poland.

20160513_075320   20160513_075224     20160513_075147   20160513_075207  

Marhaba! Sorry but I can't handle the arabic coffee and date!


Since I am travelling with a friend, the middle barrier has been lowered.

20160513_082447   20160513_082726  

Pushing back with the Swanky Abu Dhabi ATC tower.


Taxiing to Runway 13R for immediate departure.

20160513_083711   20160513_083743  

Our flight route today

20160513_085018   20160513_115502  

After takeoff drink and snack.


Apartment 3K

OS4A3870   OS4A3894  

Apartment 3K and 4K


We have 8 out of 9 passengers in First Class. Zero in Residences (which is located at the most forward left hand side)


A selfie following my wife's selfie on her flight to Sydney.


Etihad A380 have the entire upper deck for Premium cabin. Therefore it has a curtain and chain off to the lower deck Economy passengers.


Since May 1st, the first class menu has some changes. Some items have been removed such as Rib eye steak and catch of the day while some popular items such as Biryani continue to stay.

  20160513_075043     20160513_075050   20160513_075059   20160513_075833   20160513_075912  

My friend and I decided to dine together in his apartment, 4K.


Bread selection.


While he chose corn flakes as starter, I went for the scallops.

20160513_100013 20160513_100009  

Next we both have our eggs cooked to order. He has fried egg sunny side up and I have scrambled egg with hollandaise sauce.

20160513_101334   20160513_101352  

Chef Sisi from Bali, Indonesia personally deliver her dessert creation.


The dessert name, "Texture" is inspired by the famous El Bulli restaurant from Spain.

It is probably the nicest plate up dessert I've ever have. Etihad keeps improving on mastering the dessert!


All in all, it was a good breakfast. Eggs on airplane are always tricky to cook.

After the breakfast, we retreat to the onboard lounge to further continue our conversation.

I have a glass of Moroccan mint tea.


F&B manager Gregory looking after us and continue to top up our drinks.


A 'crewfie' together with our First Class chef, stewardess and manager; Sisi, Magda and Greg.


After the meal, it is time for a nap. (All you do in First Class is EAT and SLEEP)

Our beds are beautifully laid-out for some serious photography!

20160513_113358   20160513_114122   OS4A4020   OS4A4054   Front1   OS4A4109   OS4A4134   20160513_115910  

It's time for a nap in my personal onboard apartment!


Listening to my favourite tunes, watching the in-flight map moving in bed at 37,000 feet is a treat!


After about 3 hours of relaxation, I woke up and getting hungry again. It's time for lunch. We're over Central Europe already with 1.5 hours to go before landing.


This time I have the Carrot and Coriander Soup, which the chef pour in front of you!

20160513_144641   20160513_144708  

A beautiful plated up Beef Fillet with vegetables.


And a chef special creation as dessert (I don't know the name)


The meal was excellent in both presentation and taste. It rivals restaurant quality.

Before landing, a bathroom visit is needed.

The crew informed me the shower is not working, unfortunately.

OS4A4158   OS4A4139  

I received following gift from the crew, gold edge Etihad Playing card, shower amenity kit and a pen.


Approaching London under glorious weather, we're approaching from the East on Rwy 09R with about 20 minutes holding in the air.

At 13:15 we landed smoothly on Rwy 09R with a very short taxi to our gate in Terminal 4. London Heathrow ATC expedited our landing on the usual departure runway, follow by another A380 from Qatar Airways.


A last look of the Apartment before deplane.

OS4A4242   20160513_162830  

Our plane A6-APG with beautiful weather in London.



That was my 3rd time flying the Etihad A380 Apartment and my excitement and enjoyment remain as high as the first time. It is such an amazing and innovative First Class which set it apart from the competitors. The crew are very approachable and delivered an awesome in-flight experience. The food presentation is gorgeous, rival of restaurant quality. The comfort and privacy level is done just right; even with the door closed, I have plenty of space to move around. It is really hard to flaw anything!

Thank you Etihad for providing me another stellar in-flight experience!



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