Cathay Pacific First Class B747-400

This is probably my last flight on Cathay Pacific B747-400, which is due for retirement in end of September.

The B747-400 is being used flying around regional route these days, with daily flight to Tokyo Haneda and adhoc flights around the region to Taipei, China, Manila, Bali etc.

I used American Airlines AAdvantage Award on following routing:

Tokyo to Abu Dhabi via Hong Kong, Bangkok and Doha on Cathay and Qatar Airways.

This cost me just 45,000 miles in First Class, so this flight would cost me no more than $200 worth of miles give or take! An amazing value to bag the Cathay Queen First Class for anyone who haven't done so!

Trip Video

At Tokyo Haneda check-in. It is always so calm and orderly at all the Japanese airports.


Priority Lane given to First Class and top FFP of each airline listed on the board.


A visit to the new Cathay Lounge in Haneda, locatod on the 6th floor of the terminal is a must. It boost beautiful furniture, good food with amazing panaramic view across the apron!

Please see separate report here on this lounge.

20160516_050857   20160516_050351    

Finally at 10:15am, just 20 minutes to departure time boarding has started.

I took some opportunity to take photo of the Queen, perhaps my last time.

I also met up with a Japanese gentleman who worked for CX over 30 years!


B-HUI is flying me today.

Wish the Reg is C-HUI 🙂


Fellow aviation writer-enthusiast Charles Kennedy is also on my flight after his DPRK tour.


I boarded through door 1 and turned left heading to the nose of the B747.

What a beautiful warm welcome smile from a Thai FA.

There are just 3 passengers in First Class today out of 9 seats.

20160516_053425   20160516_054052  

I was offered Champagne Amour de Deutz Blanc 2006 and hot towels immediately after arrive at my seat 1K.

20160516_053847   20160516_053946  

The First Class cabin. Still looks fresh and in excellent condition.


Seat 1A is left unoccupied today, giving me my own exclusive nose area.

OS4A5259   OS4A5269   OS4A5295   OS4A5275  

 Seat 2A is also many traveler's favourite, given you're seated far apart across the aisle.


The best pair seats gotta be 1A and 1K. This picture tells it all.


We pushed back 15 minutes delay and a short taxi to runway 16R, we're airborne very quickly.

Today's flight to Hong Kong takes just under 4 hours with flying SW direction towards Taiwan and to Hong Kong.

After 20 minutes airborne, Mt Fuji appeared to the delight of many passengers. The crew even made an announcement of this. I was frantically going up and down the aisle taking photo and recording videos.

20160516_061807   20160516_061857  

Menu of today's flight

20160516_062536   20160516_062544   20160516_062556  

My Cathay Signature drink: Oriental Breeze which is a plum based sweet drink with Rose pedals on top.


Savoring every moment onboard.

It is not everyday you get to seat in the very front end of the B747!


My Japanese lunch - Traditional Kaiseki style

20160516_070218   20160516_070707   20160516_072008  

I invited my fellow aviation writer friend Charles Kennedy to join me dining in First.


Main course: Grill chicken and fish.

20160516_072853   20160516_072904  

Western dessert: sweet potato and apple cake


The Japanese meal taste OK but overall I feel there were some scale down in the food. Perhaps I shouldn't set the same expectation to a long haul First Class flight.

Despite being critical on food, I can't fault anything on the service delivery. The crew anticipates so well ahead of the traveler's need and are genuinely interested seeing their customer enjoying the flight.

I took a nap after the multi-course meal and shortly we're on descend to Hong Kong. Landing with unusual clear weather on Rwy07L.

Here is a photo taken by Charles with the B747 over water and the Hong Kong-Macau bridge in full swing of construction.


Farewell Cathay Pacific B747-400



It is always a big pleasure to fly on the Queen of the sky, let along in First Class alone in the nose area.

There are always something very special flying the B747 in First Class.

You get to sit in front of the pilot, you almost get a sweeping view from the front curved windows! The pleasure is endless when you have just a few passengers on a top service carrier like Cathay!

Farewell Cathay Pacific B747-400. It has been a great ride all these years!

Trip Video

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