Kuwait Airways Dasman Lounge
Kuwait Airways Dasman Lounge

Review: Kuwait Airways Dasman Lounge Kuwait

Kuwait Airways Dasman Lounge

Kuwait Airways Dasman Lounge have been refurbished last year and it is used by many airlines including home carrier Kuwait Airways. This lounge also accept Priority Pass.

You may be surprised to hear this; This lounge is among many GCC frequent traveler's favourite and won many awards!

Why? I took some picture of this lounge to show you!

Entrance to the lounge.


With the new Kuwait Airways A330 model20151213_105657

20151213_105435   20151213_105318  

Main seating area with green on the wall.


Dedicated children's lounge.


Quiet area located on the other end of the lounge.


Prayer room inside the lounge.


The food area.


Dasman lounge serve a generous buffet 24 hours round the clock. It is comparable to a hotel buffet!

20151213_105822   20151213_131849  

Lunch items




Sweets and cakes


The lounge is in the right size that is not too small nor mega huge. It is simple, functional but pleasant. It has all the feature a business traveler want. The food is absolutely delicious, something Kuwait Airways does very well onboard and catering this lounge.

The only drawback is it no longer has a shower room on my last visit.

Please visit this lounge if you fly out or transit Kuwait City on your next trip!