Belarus Aviation Tour

See Part 1 here


Our next flight is the star of the day, Ruby Star Aviation Antonov-12BK

Reg: EW-275TI

Manufactured: 1970, 46 years old


  20160507_151037 20160507_151209 20160507_151701

It involves 5 people to operate this beast.

2 Pilot, 1 F/E, 1 Navigator and 1 radio controller

A real team work to operate this plane.


The flight engineer sits in the middle while captain sits on the left and first officer sits on the right.

The navigator sits underneath the cockpit in the unique glass dome area and radio controller sits behind the cockpit.

OS4A3667   20160507_160502 20160507_152849

Our routing today which is from Minsk to Minsk around 5,000 feet in pentagon shape.


Me with the radio controller Dmitri.


In the pressurized cabin located right behind the cockpit of An-12...


View outside the window, 2 massive Ivchenko AI-20L engines


The main cargo hold with benches on.


About 20 minutes after takeoff, the cargo door is suddenly lowered!

You can see trail of black smoke coming off its 4 prop engines.


With a safety net in between the cabin and the door.

It was an amazing sight to watch the An-12 flying low around the country side of Belarus.

Many of us enjoyed a sandwich and drink with the pleasure of this view....


Soon after 1.2 hours, it is time to land back in Minsk

One lucky passenger manage to find space underneath the radio controller to watch from the navigator seat during the landing!


Please see the video footage on takeoff, cruising and landing


Our 3rd flight of the day is also another rare model, the Antonov-26B

Reg: EW-328TG

Genex Ltd

Built 1983

Flight time 1.2 hours.

Sistership EW-259TG parked side by side on the ramp.


Please see the video for complete takeoff and landing footage with amazing Antonov propeller sound!


Cockpit of the An-26B.


3 men flying up front include 2 pilots and an engineer.


I presume this is both navigator and radio controller?


A group photo in the cargo hold.


Time for a nap on the long bench.


Over the countryside at 6,000 feet


Our group after landing.


Please see the video for complete takeoff and landing footage with amazing Antonov propeller sound!


After that our group were transported to Boravaya Airfield in Minsk, it is an air park with huge collection of Soviet aircraft, both civilian and military. I strongly recommend anyone visiting Minsk to spend time here!

20160507_201258 20160507_201429 20160507_203059 20160507_202024

Joy flight inside this An-2


20160507_203223 20160507_203239 20160507_203250

The cabin can fit 9-10 passengers.


The cockpit of An-2. It require only one pilot to fly.


We did several loops over the city at an estimate no more than 2,000 feet. The low setting sun and slow flying made the flight feel very romantic!

20160507_204526 20160507_205344  

Our last flight of the day is a joyflight on the Russian helicopter Mil-2


It can fit seven passengers with one in front and six at the back

IMG_7963 IMG_7952

The Mil-2 was very noisy as somehow we didn't have the headphone so it was a disaster to our ear 🙂

Overall, I'd prefer the An-2 as it has slower speed and beautiful sound.



It was Aviation Megafun in one amazing day in Belarus. Everything went so well from visiting the aircraft repair plant 407 to flying on Yak-40, An-12, An-26, An-2 and Mil-2. It is truly a treat for any aviation enthusiast!

Special thanks to Boris Vlassov and Merlintour for his superior organisation of the tour.

The next Belarus Aviation Tour is in October 2016 with a special farewell to Belavia Tu-154

See you in Minsk!