Flying the DC-4 Skymaster in South Africa
Flying the DC-4 Skymaster in South Africa

Review: Flying the DC-4 Skymaster in South Africa

Flying the DC-4 Skymaster in South Africa

Flying the DC-4 Skymaster in South Africa
Flying the DC-4 Skymaster in South Africa

Step aboard an era when flying was an elegant affair...

Powered by four Pratt & Whitney R2000 radial piston engines, ZS-AUB and ZS-BMH are two of the very few passenger-licensed Douglas DC-4 Skymasters operating in the world today and are great favourites among aviation enthusiasts and travelling public.

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The aircraft seat 50 passengers each, in a Business Class configuration. The Classic Airliner charter business provides a product and service which is unique as passengers are treated to unforgettable fun-filled adventures combined with the charm and elegance of first-class classic airline travel from a bygone era provided by personnel who are fanatical about the well-being and comfort of their passengers.

Recently, I made a trip to South Africa just to fly on the DC-4 classic! It is certainly an attraction with its own right!

I have two perfect DC-4 flight in September 2016 from Johannesburg Rand Airport to the Africa Airspace and Defense Show (AAD) show in Waterkloof Air Force Base and back.


Date: 17 Sep 2016

Departure time 7am

Johannesburg Rand Airport to Waterkloof AFB



Flying time: Scheduled 10 minutes, Actual 30 minutes at 8,000 feet, speed 165 knots



Both DC-4 (ZS-AUB and ZS-BMH) is on the ramp at Rand Airport that morning ready for flights to Waterkloof AFB.

south-africa-dc4-35 south-africa-dc4-36

Another classic DC-3 Dakota is also on the ramp being prepared for flight to Waterkloof AFB.


Interior of the DC-4, feature 50 Business Class seats.

south-africa-dc4-15 south-africa-dc4-16

Ceiling fan nozzle


Window with curtain, very nostalgic...

The four Pratt & Whitney R2000 radial piston engines came to live one by one, with lovely low bass sounds.....


The DC-4 1009 was produced at the Douglas Aircraft Company plant at Santa Monica, California.

The aircraft was delivered to South African Airways on the 10th of May 1946 and registered ZS-AUB and named “Outeniqua”.

The aircraft was subsequently donated to the SAA Museum Society at the end of 2007.

I was sited in the first row, which offer great engine and wing view.

Please see the video for the amazing Prop sounds of the DC-4 Skymaster.


We were cruising fairly low given Johannesburg is over 5,000 feet above sea level, our flight cruising level was only at 8,000 feet.

south-africa-dc4-05 south-africa-dc4-07

Full flight plus 1 infant onboard.


Over the suburbs before arriving at Waterkloof AFB.

south-africa-dc4-08 south-africa-dc4-09 south-africa-dc4-10

A quick look at the rear before deplane


2 Toilets at the back.


Toilets have been re-modeled.

south-africa-dc4-12 south-africa-dc4-13

The DC-4 is powered by four Pratt & Whitney R2000 radial piston engines.


Cockpit of ZS-AUB

south-africa-dc4-18 south-africa-dc4-19 south-africa-dc4-20  

After a day spent at the Africa Aerospace and Defense Airshow, we fly back to Rand Airport at 3:30pm

 Waterkloof AFB to Johannesburg Rand Airport



Flying time: About 20 minutes include a spectacular low level (200 feet) fly pass after takeoff...


south-africa-dc4-21 south-africa-dc4-22 south-africa-dc4-23

We did a close circuit after takeoff and then flew past the Waterkloof AFB at 200 feet!

It was really spectacular onboard! (See the Video)

south-africa-dc4-24 south-africa-dc4-25

During our flight, we caught up with another DC-3 in mid-air!

south-africa-dc4-26 south-africa-dc4-27

The rest of the flight was spent looking at many amazing villas and mansions of North Johannesburg suburbs.

Little did I know it was so green looking down, I was told that Johannesburg was built in a forest.

south-africa-dc4-28 south-africa-dc4-29

The weather has cleared up in Johannesburg and we have a fabulous landing.

Our DC-4 parked facing the original 1920 Rand Airport Terminal, which was constructed as the main airport for Jo'burg.


African sun with Orange Tail!

south-africa-dc4-30 south-africa-dc4-32

A photo with SAA Museum volunteer and my good friend Joppie and Samuel.


"Outeniqua" in all her glory form sitting on the ramp!

DC-4 Skymaster ZS-AUB
DC-4 Skymaster ZS-AUB
DC-4 Skymaster ZS-AUB "Outeniqua"
DC-4 Skymaster ZS-AUB "Outeniqua"
DC-4 Skymaster ZS-AUB "Outeniqua"
DC-4 Skymaster ZS-AUB "Outeniqua"
DC-4 Skymaster ZS-AUB "Outeniqua"
DC-4 Skymaster ZS-AUB "Outeniqua"
DC-4 Skymaster ZS-AUB "Outeniqua"
DC-4 Skymaster ZS-AUB "Outeniqua"

Meanwhile, her sistership "Lebombo" has arrived few minutes after us.

DC-4 Skymaster ZS-BMH "Lebombo"
DC-4 Skymaster ZS-BMH "Lebombo"

The 2 amazing last DC-4 Skymaster together under South Africa Sun...

DC-4 Skymaster ZS-BMH "Lebombo"
DC-4 Skymaster ZS-BMH "Lebombo" and ZS-AUB "Outeniqua"


"Jets are for kids, propliners are the real deal!" I can honestly say this is quite true after 2 wonderful flights on the DC-4 Skymaster. The prop sounds are like music to ears. The flight are very comfortable, stable and resembles another flying era bygone. I wholeheartly recommend the DC-4 flight to anyone who haven't done it!



South African Airways Museum at Rand Airport has an amazing collection of aircraft operated by SAA include B747-SP, B747-200, B737-200, Junkers 52, Lockheed Starliners, Lockheed Lodestar, de Havilland Dove. They also feature a great display hall section and simulators. It is my top recommendation for a visit if you're in Johannesburg area.

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