Disclaimer: The below post is sponsored by Be Relax.

During my earlier trip this year to France with Air France, I came across a company who make some of the most comfortable travel product in the market, Be Relax.

I was given a demo on their product in their office. I was so impressed and these product are really distinct and outstanding which I think you may like to try them and travel differently!

You can see me wearing 2 Be Relax distinct products.


Because the neck pillow is actually a neck mattress, there is no room for errors! You can use it for any positions that suits you! It is soft and light, it surely beats those cheap bean bags travel pillow!  After s a few hours flight, the difference is very obvious!

What's innovative about this memory form pillow is that it comes with cooling gel on each side, keeps a constant fresh sensation around your neck. It also comes with a heating patch which can be installed to release neck tension!

To see the full spec of this awesome neck pillow, please click here.

The eye mask is huge in size and cover all the way to my ear, it completely blocks out any light and it is 100% pitch black. I really like the adjustable comfort and it sits comfortably on my nose.

It also comes with cooling gel so it acts like a soothing eye therapy while you wearing to sleep!

To see the full spec of this amazing eye mask, please click here.

  Well, I was really impressed about the Be Relax range of travel product and now I carry them with me to travel everytime I fly. See the product on my recent Emirates First Class flight below.  

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