On my recent trip to Russia, my friend Alexander Mishin suggested I can fly on a Tupolev Tu-154 Flight Simulator near Vnukovo Airport in Moscow. The price is just under $60 per hour, it is a bargain and no brainer! I have never flown a Russian airplane flight sim before so of course I'd love to give it a try!

The simulator is located near Vnukovo Airport and used for both pilot training and during free time, it is available to public to use.

First I was given a basic lecture of the cockpit design of the Tupolev Tu-154 in classroom. The instructor speaks Russian and my friend Alex translate to English for me.


The classroom have a flight engineer moudle and other instruments. There is also live ATC from this room.


Russian model Ksenia also joins me in the classroom.


After 20 minutes of basic familiarisation, we proceed to the simulator in the classroom behind. It has no hydraulic so it is static but everything looks so real just like a real Tu-154 cockpit!


I follow the instructor's command and we took off and doing a large circuit then attempt for a go around. The cockpit is amazing real, with the standard green instrument panel and even come with its registration RA-85620!

There are huge differences in terms of design of the Tupolev when compare with Western Boeing or Airbus. The gear up/down is on the panel above head, so as the flaps..... There is live ATC in terms of communication!


Happy Landing

It was really difficult to land the Tu-154 manually. With the instructor's help, I sort of manage to land but we landed on the grass instead of the runway! I'm glad this is just a simulator. I'd not be smiling if this is the real Tu-154! 😀  

Me holding a Tupolev Tu-154 checklist! It is really cool

At the end of my visit, I was issued a flight simulator certificate to bring home with!

Overall, It was a lot of fun and provided good insight into Russian yesteryear aviation.


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