On my recent aviation tour to South Africa, I have the fortune to charter a very unique aircraft, a Boeing 727 (Super 27) Registration ZS-PVX, which is the last one roll off the factory production line and she have only 6,500 hours of flying on her clock. (That's average 200 some hours flying per year!)

The Boeing Super 27 is owned by Fortune Air and based in Lanseria, Johannesburg area.

For those that don't know, a Super 27 is a Boeing 727 with among others upgraded engine (same type as used on MD80s) Speed was increased by 50 mph (80 km/h) by replacement of the two side engines with the JT8D-217 or the JT8D-219, along with the addition of hush kits to the center engine. Winglets were added to some of these aircraft to increase fuel efficiency.

Our group paid about $23,000 for 1.5 hours charter flight flying around Johannesburg and Lanseria. It is a lot of money but the unique and luxury experience is well worth it! The pilots are very accommodating, they not only allow us to visit the cockpit during flight but managed to the following:

  • Go Around at 500 feet over Mahikeng airfield
  • Low passes about 1,000 feet above ground level over Pretoria and Voortrekker Monument
  • A touch N go before coming back to land at Lanseria

This private B727 interior is consist of:

  • Rear section which can carry up to 18 passengers in premium economy seating.
  • A mid section (14 seats) with open dining hall and seating.
  • A private boardroom with 4 seats.
  • A private bedroom with oversized bed, sofa and closet.
  • A private bedroom with full shower
  • Front section seating (usually use by security)
  • Crew rest.

All together it has a capacity of 41 passengers.

Here are some photos of the luxury B727 VIP used by many past and current head of state of South Africa.

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Our flight took us from Lanseria to Mafikeng for a missed approach, when on to Pilanesberg where we circled Sun City before heading to Pretoria for a low-pass at Waterkloof AFB. On return to Lanseria we made a touch and go before our full stop landing. The flight is conducted only 7,000 feet above ground level with many passes as low as just 1,000 feet!

Here are some pictures of the flight from the cockpit.

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Here are more pictures of myself inside the VIP B727 and some onboard service and catering provided!

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I have such an amazing flight in this luxury VVIP B727 that is used by head of state usually. As a group we were able to afford to charter her and realize our dream in flying a Boeing 727 classic with luxury fitting doing low passes and touch N go! The pilot flying her was really tremendously accommodating and tried their very best to show case the B727. We have 5 cabin crew looking after our group continuously with every request fulfilled. Enough said, it was an unforgettable treat and life should be all about unique experience!

If you're interested flying in her as a group in our next adventure, please drop me a line!

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