Moscow's Friendliest Airport: Vnukovo
Moscow's Friendliest Airport: Vnukovo

Spotting at Moscow’s Friendliest Airport: Vnukovo

This is a short photo essay on my recent spotting visit to Moscow Vnukovo Airport which I had a beautiful sunny day and with nice variety on the ramp.

Vnukovo (VKO) is located closer to Moscow city than the other Moscow Airports such as SVO and DME. It is currently the hub for UT Air and Rossiya Airlines. International Airlines such as Turkish Airlines have a major presence including up to 11 flights a day! Vnukovo is also the airport used by Russian government and foreign VIP and dignitaries.

The terminal is much advanced and easy to navigate around. There will be a new Four Point by Sheraron hotel opened by Feb 2018 next to the airport. Every year the airport host one or two spotter day allow special access to spotter to photograph around.

Here are some pictures I took during my 3 hour visit at VKO.


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