Take the pilot's seat in an Emirates A380

I recently experienced the thrill and challenge of piloting the world's largest passenger aircraft; A380 in a simulator of Emirates at Dubai Mall.

I met my instructor Gabe for a 30 minutes session. Gabe gave me a detail briefing and orientation about the A380 cockpit.

I got to select the airport of my choice for departure and arrival. In my case, I selected Dubai to Hong Kong! You can even pick any weather condition, day or night flight setting!

It was my first time to experience "Fly-by-wire" technology on the simulator. I found it very sensative but nevertheless I was able to make a smooth flight include a safe landing! (managed only slightly overshot the runway)

The Emirates A380 experience was definitely fun and it gives me a good idea what it takes to control a large aircraft like the A380. To find out more about the Emirates A380 Experience, please visit the official page.

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