Singapore Airlines Alaska Mileage Plan
Singapore Airlines Alaska Mileage Plan

FARNBOROUGH: Singapore Airlines named world’s best airline in 2018 Skytrax awards

FARNBOROUGH: Singapore Airlines named world’s best airline in 2018 Skytrax awards

The long awaited Skytrax awards have been unveiled and Singapore Airlines has come out shining in multiple fields.

The airline has been named 2018s ‘World’s Best Airline’ by Skytrax. They also came out first place in the ‘World’s Best First Class’, ‘Best Airline in Asia’ and ‘Best First Class Seat’ for 2018.

The awards are selected by passenger and guest feedback through surveys. 20 million travelers were up to the task of rating 335 airlines between August 2017 and May 2018.

Singapore Airlines has received the ‘Worlds Best Airline’ award four times now.

Chief Executive Officer, Mr Goh Choon Phong, expresses his happiness in the following statement:

“Singapore Airlines is honored to be named ‘World’s Best Airline’ in the Skytrax Awards, and I dedicate it to the 26,000 SIA Group employees who focus every day on delivering the world’s best travel experience to our customers.”

He also adds:

“The World Airline Awards are based on direct feedback from customers, who we know have more airlines to choose from in this highly competitive global environment. The recognition will further motivate us to improve upon the three main pillars of our brand promise – product leadership, service excellence and network connectivity – to ensure we retain our competitive advantage and continue to meet and exceed customer expectations.”

A piece of feedback that really benefited Singapore Airlines here was consistency. Travelers that flew with the airline on multiple occasions were keen to report on the consistent service and product that the airline had to offer. The newly introduced first class seat that was announced last year has assisted the airline in climbing the tough ladder to the top.

With airlines becoming more and more competitive each year by offering unique products and excellent service, it’s understandable why Singapore Airlines is so proud of this achievement.

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