On the way to Canada?

Canada allows increase in UAE flights

Canada had a cap on the number of flights from UAE. There were only 3 flights by both Emirates and Etihad per week and consequently, these routes were some of the most capacity constrained.

Canada has now allowed a massive increase of 68% in the number of sold seats (not flights) to UAE. Meanwhile, Egypt can increase its 4 flights per week to 7. Despite the immense increase in percentage terms, this will likely still leave the UAE-Canada route capacity constrained. The actual increase on this route will be higher since Canadian carriers are likely going to increase their capacity as well.

These changes come on the heels of another agreement that now allows citizens of UAE to visit Canada without a visa. Canadians have been able to visit UAE without visas for a few years now.

The agreements go into effect immediately and also cover a separate increase in cargo operations.

Edit: Canadian news source added