Embraer sends E190-E2 around Africa for marketing tour

With the Farnborough Air Show proving to be successful for Embraer, the Profit Hunter is out to strike again, this time targeting Africa.

Embraer has sent their E190-E2 test aircraft to Africa to perform customer demonstration flights and allow engineers, ground crew and media to experience the aircraft.

Embraer E195-E2 “Profit Hunter”

Kenya Airways is a prime target for Embraer as they operate a fleet of E190s and are looking to replace them soon. The airline welcomed the E2 with plenty of media outlets, executives and presentations.

The airline was taken on a sales flight over Mount Kilimanjaro, where executives where able to discuss parts of the aircraft and verify its performance.

Although no decision has been made by Kenya Airways, Embraer remains confident that they will get the order or at least a letter or intent.

Air Mauritius, who is another airline interested in the type, also got to view the aircraft when it visited them. The airline is in the process of making a decision on an aircraft to update their regional fleet.

Other airlines in the area are still analyzing performance data and are in talks with Embraer and Airbus.

Embraer confirms there’s a lot of interest for the E2 in Africa, despite the fact the Airbus is marketing the A220 family aggressively.

With Boeing and Embraer now in the early stages of a partnership, things could change and we might see a very large spike in regional jet marketing from both sides.

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