Aeromexico E190 crashes during departure

An Aeromexico Embraer E190 was departing Durango as AM2431 when the pilots decided to abort the takeoff, sending the aircraft down the runway and onto a field, where it then caught fire and was heavily damaged.

101 people were on board, consisting of 97 passengers and four crew members. Everyone survived which is incredible considering the total damage of the aircraft, as seen in the photos bellow:

Aeromexico E190 crash

Aeromexico E190 Crash

Aeromexico E190 Crash

85 people are reported to be injured, with two sustaining serious injuries. As a precaution, all members on board the aircraft were taken to hospitals in the area or checked by emergency authorities on site. It’s also understood that some passengers have been interviewed by media and authorities about the incident.

The CEO of Grupo Aeromexico, Andres Conesa, expressed in the following statement:

“Our heart is with those affected and their families. We are deeply saddened and moved by this incident, and we would like to reiterate, first of all, that the Grupo Aeromexico family extends its support, thoughts, and prayers to those affected and their families. We are doing everything in our power to assist them.”

The aircraft involved was an Embraer E190 built in 2008 and previously operated by Republic. At the time of the incident, the registration of the aircraft was XA-GAL.

Runway inspections show the extent of the damage, outlining the fact that the engines were serperated from the aircraft and landed in a different location, as seen in the photo below from The Aviation Herald:

Aeromexico E190 Crash

The YouTube video below shows runway inspectors/emergency authorities driving down the scene, displaying the parts scattered around:

Observers around the airport have told media and response teams that the aircraft suffered an engine failure (GE CF34) before aborting and veering off the runway.

One passenger stated the aircraft failed to become airborne. The aircraft continued to roll down the runway and halt on a field. The passenger reports the fire didn’t break out until 3-4 minutes afterwards, allowing for the safe evacuation.

Aeromexico is working with authorities and emergency services to determine the cause of the crash and clear the wreckage.



A chilling video from inside Aeromexico Flight 2431 has emerged showing what it looked and sounded like on the flight as it crashed in bad weather on Tuesday upon takeoff from Durango, Mexico.


PLEASE NOTE: Information is always rough during these accidents. Any additional information or updated numbers will be updated as it becomes clearer.