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Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737 skids off runway in Manila

Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737 skids off runway in Manila

A Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737-800 skidded off Manila’s runway 24 during a landing in stormy weather on the 16th of August, 2018.

The aircraft, registered B-4598, was operating flight MF8667 from Xiamen when the incident occurred. 157 passengers and eight crew members were onboard at the time, of which, none were injured when evacuating via escape slides.

Images and a video show the aircraft is heavily damaged, with reports and images stating the main landing gear collapsed and the left engine separating.

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Xiamen Airlines 737 visible without its left engine

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The following video shows a short section of the landing and the stormy weather outside the aircraft. Weather is expected to be the primary reason for the excursion.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) stated that Xiamen Airlines flight MF8667 went left off runway 24. During the landing sequence, there were strong storms, with winds at 280 degrees at 11 knots, 2000m of visibility and a cloud base of 540 meters.

CAAC investigators have been dispatched and are currently working with appropriate authorities, including the Philippine Accident Investigation team, and crew members to determine the cause of the accident.