Boeing rolls out first 777x for static testing

After seeing nothing but small glimpses of the assembly process and many computer renderings, the first majorly assembled Boeing 777x has been unveiled and has rolled out of the hangar.

Boeing rolls out first 777x for static testing

Boeing rolls out first 777x for static testing

Recently the company shared videos of two 777x aircraft in the hangar – one for static testing and one for flight testing. Both frames are of the -9 variant and will be subject to strenuous ground and flight testing.

The aircraft that was rolled out does not have engines or avionics fitted. Instead, its purpose to Boeing engineers is to test the strength of the wing, fuselage, tail and strut structures.

Various loads will be attached to the wing and distributed in ways to reflect certain conditions such as turbulence, takeoff, landing, ground handling etc.

It’s worth noting that when the original Boeing 777 was being tested in this way, the wings flexed an incredible 8.1 meters (26.5ft).

The wing of the 777-9 wing with the folding wingtips extended is 72 meters long. Although the folding mechanism in charge of the shortening and extending of the wing is ready and available, Boeing has opted to not install it on the static test frame, instead going for the wingtips in a permanent locked position.

First flight of the General Electric GE9X powered aircraft is expected to be in 2019, with first delivery in 2020.

Campaigns are currently in place to secure more orders for the type.