Korean Air Coronavirus case
Korean Air Coronavirus case

Korean Air eyeing Airbus and Boeing aircraft for new order

Korean Air eyeing Airbus and Boeing aircraft for new order

Korean Air is currently in the decision making process for their future widebody fleet and are looking at additional Boeing 787 Dreamliners as well as the 777x and Airbus A350 for an upcoming order.

The airline is targeting a fleet that is efficient and streamlined, putting the Boeing 787 in a very good position as the airline has options for 10 more of them within their existing order. Streamlining the fleet will help reduce pilot training and maintenance costs.

Chief Executive, Walter Cho, states the airline’s market has grown, especially on transpacific routes. With growing demand, the need for appropriate sized and efficient jets becomes an important matter.

Korean Air has been incredibly happy with the Boeing 787, stating they are leaning towards a top-up order, but are also open minded to the 777x which offers expansion options when replacing the 777 fleet. The airline is known for unusual fleet deployment, notably placing large aircraft on regional routes as well as international routes.

Airbus is pitching the A350 and the airline is keeping it on the table, but it is not yet known how high up the charts the aircraft is within the decision

Cho remains pleased with the mixed fleet of Airbus and Boeing aircraft but is firm on the fact that some are starting to show their age and will need to be replaced in coming years.

Korean Air currently has a well established fleet of Boeing 787s, 777s, 747s, 737s as well as Airbus A380s, A330s and A220s. The 747-400s that are alongside the 747-8i are costly to operate and are not used frequently by the airline. With an average age of 21.5 years, its no wonder why Korean Air wants to remove them as soon as possible.

In 2019, the airline will welcome the 737 MAX 8 and A321neo into its fleet. 2019 is also the expected time period for a new widebody order, taking their fleet renewal and expansion plans to a new level.

What aircraft do you think is best for Korean Air?


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Korean Air is currently deciding on widebody aircraft on offer by Airbus and Boeing for their fleet renewal strategy. Airbus and Boeing have their A350, 777x and 787 lined up on the table to choose from. Korean is leaning towards a 787 top-up order as they’re quite happy with the type, but the A350 and 777x provide great hauling capabilities, allowing the airline to replace their quickly aging 777s and 747s. The ultimate goal is to streamline the fleet to reduce operating costs but all three aircraft offer commonality within existing aircraft. Chief Executive, Walter Cho, states the airline’s market has grown so new aircraft of the right size is important. 2019 is the expected time for the order, which is the same time they’ll welcome the A321neo and 737 MAX 9. What aircraft do you think should be chosen? #airbus #airbuslovers #airbusaviation #a330 #a330neo #boeing #boeinglovers #boeingaviation #787 #747 #avgeek #aviation #aviationgeek #aviationgeeks #aviationgoals #aviationdaily #aviationworld #aviationlovers #aviationlife #aviationphotography #takeoff #landing #planes #planelovers #planegeeks #planeporn #airport #photography #korea #boeing747

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