Airbus secures order for 65 A320neo aircraft

Airbus has secured an order for 65 A320neo Family aircraft from SMBC Aviation Capital in a deal worth $7.47 billion that was previously listed as unidentified in their 2018 results.

Additionally, SMBC has converted 15 A320neo on order to the larger A321neo. All together, SMBC has 181 firm orders for A320neo Family aircraft.

Peter Barrett, CEO of SMBC Aviation Capital, reflected on the order in the following statement:

“Demand for the latest technology aircraft has been strong both from our existing and new customers hence our decision today to proceed with this order. In the current environment, airlines are seeking more fuel efficient aircraft. The make-up of our order book positions us very well for the future to deliver on those needs. We have a strong relationship with Airbus and we look forward to working with them to continue to deliver for our customers long into the future.”

The strong relationship mentioned is evident with the repeat orders and up-gauges placed by the lessor over the years. In total, SMBC has ordered 277 A320 Family aircraft from Airbus.

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