Airbus set to announce A380 program update

Sources involved in the stressful talks regarding the Airbus A380 program have stated to various media outlets, primarily Reuters, that a decision or at least an update on the program is set to be announced on the 14th of February.

This year has been a tough one for Airbus, with media constantly bombarding the company about the future of its A380 superjumbo program. Since the word was let out that Emirates was considering cancelling or adjusting the terms of their A380 order because of engine dilemmas, the aviation industry has been hyper-alert with activity around the aircraft.

Adding to the woes, Qantas announced its cancellation of their eight aircraft, Qatar Airways has reportedly stated the aircraft will be retired and replaced by newer twin-aisle aircraft and the two orders from Air Accord and Amedo totaling 23 aircraft are likely to be culled from the book any moment now.

Qantas cancels remaining Airbus A380 order

Qantas Airbus A380 landing

Even if Airbus does not fully focus on any A380 news in their earnings update, not bringing up the subject will be out of the question, as investors, media and airlines pressure are pressuring company for answers.

Ultimately Airbus aims to have all the concern wrapped up by April when more management shifts are to take place. Whether this will be shutting down the program or securing a replacement order with Emirates for A350s or A330neos, the A380 will continue to be a closely guarded topic in the industry.

If they do terminate the program, Airbus will have to receive approval from their entire board as well as the appropriate governments and suppliers.

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Cover photo by Clement Alloing.