Embraer releases 2018 delivery results

Following the earlier release of the 2018 results for Airbus and Boeing, Embraer has announced their delivery performance for the year.

2018 saw the Brazilian manufacturer delivery 90 commercial aircraft, which mostly matched their target of 85 to 95. Embraer’s business aircraft goals were not met, with only 91 aircraft being delivered out of the 105-125 goal.

Looking at the commercial delivery figures, the majority of the aircraft handed over to airlines were E175s, of which 67 were handed over compared to the 13 E190s. Keep in mind these were the E1 series of aircraft, meaning they are the first generation of E-Jets.

Embraer E195-E2 “Profit Hunter”

For the new E2 family, Embraer handed over four of the Pratt and Whitney-powered E190-E2s. Flight test are still ongoing for the other E2 family aircraft. A highlight for the E2 program was not just first delivery but also the world sales tour the aircraft completed.

A considerable amount of aircraft were delivered during the fourth quarter alone. 33 commercial aircraft and 36 business aircraft were delivered during this time period.

For a full breakdown on deliveries, see the following table:

Deliveries by Segment 4Q2018 2018
Commercial Aviation 33 90
E170 1
E175 23 67
E190 6 13
E195 3 5
E195-2 1 4
Executive Aviation 36 91
Phenom 100 3 11
Phenom 300 21 53
Light Jets 24 64
Legacy 650 1 4
Legacy 450 5 14
Legacy 500 6 9
Large Jets 12 27
TOTAL 69 181

As of December 31st, Embraer has a backlog of 368 firm orders worth $16.3 billion. 

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